Benis Egoh joins the ESS Department as an Assistant Professor

This January, Dr. Benis Egoh joined the Earth System Science Department as an Assistant Professor. Her research interests include the mapping and valuing of ecosystem services to understanding the economic consequences of land degradation on human well-being; understanding links between ecosystem services and underpinning biodiversity; and the implementation of current policies related to biodiversity and ecosystem services and options that exist to safeguard or restore priority areas important for both.

Eric Rignot interviewed on Science Friday about Antarctic ice melts

Researchers monitoring the condition of the Antarctic ice sheet report that not only is the ice melting, but that the rate of ice loss is increasing rapidly. According to their estimates, around 40 gigatons of ice were lost per year in the 1980s. By the 2010s, that rate of loss had increased to more than 250 gigatons of ice per year. That melting ice has caused sea levels around the world to rise by more than half an inch, the researchers say.