Zack Labe spotlighted by UCI Graduate Division

The watcher of the Arctic Sea is none other than UCI doctoral student Zack Labe, a second year Ph.D. student in the Earth Systems Science Program.  Zack is making waves among scientists and non-scientists alike by disbursing accessible charts and graphs to illustrate the shrinking ice caps.  With a simple push of a button, Zack receives the latest satellite data on Arctic sea ice on his computer, which he then plots on a custom graph and tweets to his 8,000 Twitter followers.

Steve Davis quoted in Science article about his new research

Environmentalists have long known that pollution wafting through the air can affect people far from the source of emissions. Now, a new study finds that international trade has likely “shifted” more than 700,000 pollution-related deaths from regions that import goods and services, like the United States and Western Europe, to those that produce them, like China. The study adds fuel to the debate over who bears responsibility for the health impacts of air pollution.

Steve Davis' research featured in the Washington Post

A study that measures the human toll of air pollution from global manufacturing and trade shows how buying goods made far away can lead to premature deaths both there and close to home.

More than 750,000 people die prematurely from dirty air every year that is generated by making goods in one location that will be sold elsewhere, about one-fifth of the 3.45 million premature deaths from air pollution. The study says 12 percent of those deaths, about 411,000 people, are a result of air pollution that has blown across national borders.