Steve Allison interviewed for KCET piece on soil

Spiraling orchards. Flocks of sheep. Returning to basics. A trip to Apricot Lane Farms in Moorpark, Calif. transports you to an idyllic environment. One that focuses on the natural ebbs and flows of a purposefully created ecosystem and has one very important thing at it’s center -- healthy soil. Here, letting plants go through their natural process of living and dying actually helps regenerate unhealthy soil. Val Zavala looks at cutting-edge environmental practices where soil is king. She also looks at how taking care of our soil can help to combat climate change.

Randerson group research featured in Popular Science

Around the world, fires are failing to spark, and grasslands are suffering. Over the past two decades, the amount of burned land has plummeted globally by nearly 25 percent, an international team of scientists reported today. Satellite images indicate that the rise of commercial agriculture is preventing fires from catching hold, especially in grasslands. This might sound like a good thing, but grasslands and their animal denizens actually depend on wildfires. Burned terrain will likely continue to shrink in coming decades, endangering grasslands and savannas as we know them.

Adam Martiny interviewed on Ask A Leader

While California considers different ways to lead nationally, State Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin (D-San Mateo), adroitly working both sides of the aisle, posts us on AB 84, which would move California’s presidential primary from June to March. SB 568 is a similar measure moving through the State Senate.  Each chamber is considering the other chamber’s bill before submitting legislation for Governor Brown’s signature.