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Use this form to request a substitution of an Earth System Science (B.S.), Environmental Science and Policy (B.A.), and Environmental Science (B.A.) major requirement with a course offered abroad. Please note incomplete information on study abroad program/courses will cause a delay in processing petition.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for a decision, contact with questions.


Name (First Name, Last Name):
UCI Major:

Which specific ESS course(s) or section of degree requirements would you like to receive credit for? Please include the following information for each course you are proposing to take. 

Units (specify semester or quarter units):
Level of course:
Link to Syllabus or specific course information:
Section of ESS degree requirements course will be applied to:
Note: Current degree requirements can be found in the UCI General Catalogue.

Sample of complete request: 

Title: Methods in Environmental Science and Health Surveillance
Units (specify semester or quarter units): 5 quarter units
Prereqs: Only Junior and Senior students are eligible for the program 
Level of course: upper-division based on UCEAP website
Description: provides essential practical knowledge and skills for assessing ecosystem health, environmental health and human community functionality develops laboratory and field skills identifies linkages between lecture courses and provides training that underpins research project development
Link to Syllabus or specific course information:
Section of degree requirements course will be applied to: ESS (B.S.) section E1 – Upper Div ESS Electives

*Please note the most common reason for a course to be denied by the department is a mismatch in course level. This includes a lower division course (GE course/freshman or sophomore course) being substituted for an upper division course requirement (EarthSS 100 and above). When applying for a substitution include documentation from the program or university that demonstrates the course level, checking the pre-reqs and/or course catalogue can be helpful). 

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