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Beginning in March, all non-essential University functions will be moved online. This change presents unique challenges for everyone as they work to go about their usual business; below are some information and advice for transitioning smoothly to remote working and collaboration. Staff are encouraged to look after themselves and their health; UCI provides resources and information through its Wellness portal.

Tips & Tricks for Remote Work | Ergonomic Tips & Resources | Wellness Resources | Additional Resources

Tips & Tricks for Remote Work

The following articles can provide some quick guidance for working remotely.



General tips
Before the meeting:

  • Ensure your technology works correctly.
  • Frame the camera correctly.
  • Have the right light.
  • Wear work-appropriate clothing.
  • Ensure that you have a clean, work-appropriate background.

During the meeting:

  • Be on time.
  • Introduce everyone at the beginning.
  • Be courteous to other participants, don’t interrupt.
  • Speak clearly, no need to shout.
  • Mute yourself when not speaking.
  • Keep body movements minimal.
  • Maintain eye contact by looking into the camera.
  • Don't carry on side conversations.

Ergonomic Tips & Resources

Please visit UCI's page for Ergonomics Tips for Remote Work; this page provides advice, as well as product recommendations. This information can also be found at the Ergonomic Main Page in ZotPortal.

Other aspects that can be controlled are one’s posture while working from laptop. It is strongly discouraged to be lying in bed or sitting on a couch flexing your neck to look down at your laptop; it is recommended to alternate positions such as sitting at a table and alternate standing at a countertop.

Wellness Resources

Self-care is making yourself a priority in an everyday way, especially when working from home. As a part of the UCI community, faculty, staff, and retirees have many virtual wellness resources available to them. Learn more at UCI's page for Worklife & Wellness.

Additional Resources

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