Reeburgh Lecture Series Archives

Reeburgh Lecture Series Introduction


2024: The meridional overturning circulation in the North Atlantic: new results and new questions


2023: The perplexing trends in climate over the Pacific Ocean and why they are important


2020: A Satellite-Derived 42-Year Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Record


2019: The Changing Seascape of Ocean Science Research


2018: Update from the Ice: New Views of the History of Climate and Greenhouse Gases from Ice Cores


2017: A tale of two outlet glaciers: is it the best of times, or worst of times?


2014: Getting Serious About International Cooperation on Climate Change


2013: Ice Cores, Sea Level, and Abrupt Climate Change


2012: A Journey Through Methane Biogeochemistry

The Department of Earth System Science acknowledges our presence on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Acjachemen and Tongva peoples, who still hold strong cultural, spiritual and physical ties to this region.