Eric Rignot quoted in New York Times article about melting glaciers

Two of the frozen continent’s fastest-moving glaciers are shedding an increasing amount of ice into the Amundsen Sea each year.

The Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers are among the most critical in the world. They are currently holding back ice that, if melted, would raise the world’s oceans by nearly four feet over centuries, an amount that would put many coastal cities underwater.

Kate Mackey's new research subject of MBL piece

Among the most abundant bacteria in the ocean are Synechococcus, a group of cyanobacteria that form much of the base of the marine food web. These widespread marine bacteria obtain their energy through photosynthesis, and as such they help moderate the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide. For these reasons, as the climate warms, it becomes increasingly important to understand factors that affect Synechococcus populations.