2019-2019 Academic Year Department Committees and Faculty Service Roster  
Department Chair Rignot
Vice Chair of Planning TBA
Vice Chair of Graduate Studies TBA
Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies TBA
Vice Chair of Inclusive Excellence TBA
Departmental Committees and Service Assignments  
Executive Committee TBA
Strategic Planning TBA
Inclusive Excellence TBA
Graduate Studies TBA
Graduate Admissions TBA
Graduate Qualifying Exam TBA
Graduate Qualifying Exam Policy TBA
ChaMP Co-Director TBA
Undergraduate Education TBA
Undergraduate Admissions TBA
Merit & Promotions TBA
Non-Senate Academic Review TBA
Colloquium TBA
Awards TBA
Space TBA
Community Engagement & Outreach TBA
Reeburgh Lecture TBA
Seminar Organizers TBA
Undergraduate Advising Committee TBA
Undergraduate First-Year ESS Major Advisors  
ESS first-year advisors  TBA
ESS first-year advisors TBA
Incoming transfer student advisors TBA
Undergraduate Area of Focus Advisors  
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     [Emphasis]      TBA
     [Emphasis]      TBA
     [Emphasis]      TBA
     [Emphasis]      TBA
     [Emphasis]      TBA
     [Emphasis]      TBA
     [Emphasis]      TBA
     [Emphasis]      TBA
     [Emphasis]      TBA
Society of ESS Students advisor    TBA
Cal-Bridge Steering Committee TBA
Student Mentoring  
co-Chairs TBA
Members TBA
Campus Service and Membership on UCI Academic Senate   Committees and Councils (2018-2019)  
Council on Educational Policy (CEP) TBA
Council on Faculty Welfare, Diversity, and Academic Freedom (CFW) TBA
Council on Research, Computing, and Libraries (CORCL) TBA
Council on Teaching, Learning and Student Experience (CTLSE) TBA
Council on Undergraduate Admissions & Relations with Schools (CUARS) TBA
Committee on Privilege and Tenure (CPT) TBA
Committee on Scholarly Honors and Awards (SHA) TBA
Board on Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors & Financial Aid (BUSHFA) TBA
Campuswide Honors Program Board (CHPB) TBA
Subcommittee on Courses and Continuing, Part-Time, and Summer Session Education (SCOC)  TBA
Subcommittee on International Education (SCIE) TBA
Subcommittee on Programs and Policy (Policy) TBA
UCI Education Research Initiative (Co-Director)                       TBA
School of Physical Sciences Equity Advisor TBA
School of Physical Sciences Academic Senate Representative TBA