2024-25 Courses Offered

The following listing is only a tentative plan. It is subject to change at department discretion. All courses require sufficient enrollment and are subject to cancellation at any time.

The projected class schedule (included below) provides the basis for the official Schedule of Classes. For the most current information, please see the Web Schedule of Classes.

Courses in Earth System Science (EarthSS) can be taken to satisfy a variety of general education requirements. Please consult the appropriate catalog for specific requirements in your degree, or contact your Academic Counselor (or Academic Counseling Office) for more information.

See in the UC Irvine catalog for a complete listing of courses in the current catalog.

Fall 2024Course NameInstructor
EarthSS 1Introduction to Earth System ScienceFerguson, Julie
EarthSS 17CatastrophesCrook, Elizabeth
EarthSS 40AEarth System Chemistry Druffel, Ellen
EarthSS 51Land InteractionsCzimczik, Claudia
EarthSS 114Field MethodsGoulden, Mike
EarthSS 116Data Analysis For Earth SciencesDrake, Henri
EarthSS 142Atmospheric ChemistrySaltzman, Eric
EarthSS 132HydrologyFerguson, Julie
EarthSS 134 Fundamentals of GISCrook, Elizabeth
EarthSS 154Ecosystem ServicesEgoh, Benis
EarthSS 146Air PollutionKim, Saewung
EarthSS 200Global Physical Climatology Magnusdottir, Gudrun
EarthSS 266Global Biogeochemical CyclesMoore, Keith
EarthSS 238Remote SensingRignot, Eric


Winter 2025Course NameInstructor
EarthSS 3OceanographyFerguson, Julie
EarthSS 5The AtmosphereZender, Charlie
EarthSS 15Climate ChangeEgoh, Benis
EarthSS 40BEarth System BiologyCrook, Elizabeth
EarthSS 53Ocean BiogeochemistryWalker, Brett
EarthSS 70BFood and WaterRigden, Angela
EarthSS 116Data AnalysisPritchard, Mike
EarthSS 124Weather AnalysisYu, Jin-Yi
EarthSS 148Marine EcosystemsMackey, Kate
EarthSS 133Soil: It's the Good DirtCzimczik, Claudia
EarthSS 118Analysis Environmental DataRanderson, Jim
EarthSS 177WEarth System ChangeCrook, Elizabeth
EarthSS 184Carbon and Climate SolutionsRanderoson, Jim
UNI STU H30BEnvironmental Issues Affecting the Sustainability of Societies IFerguson, Julie
EarthSS 204Human SystemsBaldwin, Jane
EarthSS 242Advanced Atmospheric ChemistryKim, Saewung


Spring 2025Course NameInstructor
EarthSS 1Intro to Earth System ScienceFerguson, Julie
EarthSS 3OceanographyMartiny, Adam
EarthSS 15Climate ChangeMoore, Keith
EarthSS 40CEarth System Physics Ferguson, Julie
EarthSS 55Earth's AtmosphereYu, Jin-Yi
EarthSS 70ASustainable EnergyTBA
EarthSS 115Aquatic MethodsMackey, Kate
EarthSS 116Data AnalysisBaldwin, Jane
EarthSS 130Physical OceanographyDrake, Henri
EarthSS 144Marine GeochemistryDruffel, Ellen
EarthSS 138Remote SensingZender, Charlie
EarthSS 112Global Climate ChangeVelicogna, Isabella
UNI STU H30CEnvironmental Issues Affecting the Sustainability of SocietiesFeruguson, Julie
EarthSS 298Practicum Saltzman, Eric
EarthSS 230Physical OceanographyPrimeau, Francois
EarthSS 256PaleoclimateJohnson, Kathleen

The Department of Earth System Science acknowledges our presence on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Acjachemen and Tongva peoples, who still hold strong cultural, spiritual and physical ties to this region.