The projected class schedule (included below) provides the basis for the official Schedule of Classes. For the most current information, please see the Web Schedule of Classes.

Courses in Earth System Science (EarthSS) can be taken to satisfy a variety of general education requirements. Please consult the appropriate catalog for specific requirements in your degree, or contact your Academic Counselor (or academic counseling office) for more information.

See in the UC Irvine catalog for a complete listing of courses in the current catalog.

Fall 2019 Course Name Instructor
EarthSS 1                                                Introduction to Earth System Science Ferguson, Julie
EarthSS 17 Hurricanes, Tsunamis and Other Catastrophes Crook, Elizabeth
EarthSS 19 Introduction to Modeling The Earth Morlighem, Mathieu
EarthSS 40A Earth System Chemistry Druffel, Ellen
EarthSS 45 New Student Seminar Ferguson, Julie
EarthSS 51 Land Interactions Czimczik, Claudia
EarthSS 70B Food and Water Systems Mueller, Nathan
EarthSS 114 Earth System Science Laboratory and Field Methods Goulden, Michael
EarthSS 116 Data Analysis For Earth Sciences Pritchard, Mike
EarthSS 132 Terrestrial Hydrology Ferguson, Julie
EarthSS 134 Fundamentals of GIS in Environmental Sciences Crook, Elizabeth
EarthSS 140 Advanced Geology Julie, Ferguson
EarthSS 142 Atmospheric Chemistry Saltzman, Eric
EarthSS 192 Careers in ESS Davis, Steve


Winter 2020 Course Name Instructor
EarthSS 3                                             Oceanography                                                              Ferguson, Julie
EarthSS 19 Introduction to Modeling the Earth System Prather, Michael
EarthSS 23 Air Pollution: From Urban Smog to Global Change Guenther, Alex
EarthSS 40B Earth System Biology Crook, Elizabeth
EarthSS 53 Ocean Biogeochemistry Moore, Keith
EarthSS 70A Sustainable Energy Systems Davis, Steve
EarthSS 118 Advanced Data Analysis and Modeling Randerson, Jim
EarthSS 124 Weather Analysis Yu, Jin-Yi
EarthSS 144                     Marine Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry Druffel, Ellen
EarthSS 148 Marine Ecosystems Mackey, Kate
EarthSS 154 Ecosystem Services Egoh, Benis
EarthSS 171 Microbial Biogeochemistry Martiny, Adam
EarthSS 176W Marine Conservation, Policy, and Society Crook, Elizabeth


Spring 2020 Course Name Instructor
EarthSS 5                                        The Atmosphere Crook, Elizabeth
EarthSS 7 Physical Geology Crook, Elizabeth
EarthSS 21 On Thin Ice: Climate Change and the Cryosphere Ferguson, Julie
EarthSS 23 Air Pollution: From Urban Smog to Global Change Kim, Saewung
EarthSS 40C Earth System Physics Ferguson, Julie
EarthSS 55 Earth's Atmosphere Zender, Charlie
EarthSS 112 Global Climate Change and Impacts Velicogna, Isabella
EarthSS 114 Earth System Science Laboratory and Field Methods Guenther, Alex
EarthSS 115 Aquatic Methods Mackey, Kate
EarthSS 116 Data Analysis for Earth Sciences Morlighem, Mathieu
EarthSS 138 Remote Sensing Zender, Charlie
EarthSS 162 The Impact of Climate Change on California's Landscape Goulden, Mike
EarthSS 179 Climate Solutions Davis, Steve
EarthSS 191 Research Topics in ESS Davis, Steve