Graduate Program

Graduate Program Highlights

  • The Earth System Science Ph.D. program at UC Irvine focuses on the science of the Earth as a system with an emphasis on atmospheric chemistry, physical climate, and the biogeochemistry of land, ocean, and atmosphere.

  • We aim to help our students develop a mechanistic understanding of the Earth and gain the conceptual and analytical tools needed for research in this rapidly growing field.

  • Earn your Ph.D. for free in our fully-funded doctoral program.

  • Work with an internationally-recognized faculty that includes fellows of the American Geophysical Union, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and The Oceanography Society fellows. ESS faculty include National Academy of Sciences members, Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science recipients, and Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters members. They are also lead and contributing authors to IPCC Ar4 (awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007) and IPCC Ar5.

  • Coursework includes a multidisciplinary curriculum covering physical, chemical, and biological aspects of Earth system science.

  • Our graduate students travel around the world to conduct research in mountains, forests, oceans, caves, glaciers, laboratories, and climate simulation centers.

  • Students are admitted to the Ph.D. program only, but a Master’s degree is awarded upon progress to the Ph.D.

  • Graduates go on to become post-doctoral scholars, faculty, and leading Earth science researchers.


Contact Professor Eric Rignot (Vice Chair, Graduate Studies) or Morgan Sibley (Student Services) for more information.

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