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Journal: The Conversation
Published on: 10 January 2019
Description: #ClimateResistance a cause the entire world should support.
Journal: The Conversation
Published on: 30 November 2018
Description: Why rewilding is essential as a response to climate change: Excellent piece by @ProfMarkMaslin
Journal: The Conversation
Published on: 17 December 2018
Description: A good read on why Nation-states wont fix climate change #ExxonKnew #Divest #GreenNewDeal
Journal: The Conversation
Published on: 28 December 2018
Description: Climate change: six positive news stories you probably missed in 2018 [But not if you follow @dtdchange]
Journal: Energy Policy
Published on: 1 April 2019
Description: A paper worth reading at Energy Policy by @AtteHarjanne and @jmkorhonen ”Abandoning the concept of renewable energy”
Journal: The Conversation
Published on: 13 December 2018
Description: If Ontario is open for business, why does the #ONclimate plan take over the business of climate change? #ontpoli
Journal: Nature
Published on: 1 January 2019
Description: For the latest Green New Deal to flourish, the US government must do these things.
Journal: Nature Climate Change
Published on: 29 October 2018
Description: Now in NatureClimate - Comment: Bitcoin emissions alone could push global warming above 2°C

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