Thomson Reuters Names ESS Professors Randerson and Rignot as Highly Cited Researchers

UCI Physical Sciences professors Matt Law, Jim Randerson and Eric Rignot have been named among the world’s most influential researchers by Thomson Reuters. The 2014 Highly Cited Researchers list includes preeminent researchers in 21 fields of the sciences and social sciences who have demonstrated exceptional impact in their field as measured by citations to their work.

Research Update: Coastal Dynamics Lab Group Returns from Field Expedition

Researchers from Kristen Davis's group, the Coastal Dynamics Lab, at UC Irvine along with Anne Cohen's lab at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution are traveling to Dongsha Atoll, a remote coral reef ecosystem located south of Taiwan in the South China Sea. We will be on the atoll May 22 - June 26, 2014 deploying a range of instruments, collecting seawater and coral samples and making measurements of Net Ecosystem Calcification (NEC). We will be joined by scientists from Academia Sinica and Texas A&M University.

ESS Alum Tim DeVries Accepts Assistant Professorship at UCSB

We would like to congratulate ESS alum Timothy DeVries, who has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in the UC Santa Barbara Department of Geography. Dr. DeVries received his Ph.D. from UC Irvine in Earth System Science, and has gone on to focus on research modeling the marine carbon cycle and its interactions with climate. 

Read more from UCSB Geography HERE.

Obama’s “This American Moment” Climate Change Speech: Real Science and Hope Trump a Moon Made of Cheese

In a new National Geographic Water Currents blog post, Earth System Science Professor Jay Famiglietti discusses President Obama's Commencement speech at UC Irvine last week. Professor Famiglietti highlights the research efforts of ESS students and faculty that the President alluded to in his speech, the majority of which focused on climate change.