Obama’s “This American Moment” Climate Change Speech: Real Science and Hope Trump a Moon Made of Cheese

In a new National Geographic Water Currents blog post, Earth System Science Professor Jay Famiglietti discusses President Obama's Commencement speech at UC Irvine last week. Professor Famiglietti highlights the research efforts of ESS students and faculty that the President alluded to in his speech, the majority of which focused on climate change.

ESS Professor Mike Pritchard receives Department of Energy Early Career Research Program award

Earth scientist Michael Pritchard and chemist Jenny Yang have earned awards from the Department of Energy (DOE) Early Career Research Program. The program is designed to bolster the nation’s scientific workforce by providing support to exceptional researchers during their crucial early career years.

As Assistant Professor of Earth System Science, Pritchard is an expert in next generation climate simulation.

As Antarctic Glaciers Flow Faster, an Iceberg Six Times Larger than Manhattan Drifts Toward the Open Sea

UC Irvine glaciologist Jeremie Mouginot co-authored a paper that shows glaciers are moving considerably faster now, dumping increasing amounts of ice into the ocean and thereby causing global sea level to rise.

Article Excerpt:

Nearly 10 percent of global sea level rise is coming from just these six glaciers, according to Jeremie Mouginot, a glaciologist at the University of California-Irvine who co-authored the paper. And their contribution is increasing.