Dr. Martiny and Team Take Research Cruise in Equatorial Pacific

One of the fundamental patterns of ocean biogeochemistry is the Redfield ratio that links the elemental stoichiometry of surface plankton with the chemistry of the deep ocean. There is no obvious mechanism for the globally consistent C:N:P ratio of 106:16:1 (i.e. Redfield ratio) especially as there is substantial elemental variation among plankton communities in different ocean regions. Thus, knowing how biodiversity regulates the elemental composition of the ocean is important for our understanding of the ocean and climate as a whole – now and in the future.

ESS in the News

Analysis piece in Nature by ESS professor Steven J. Davis and Christine Shearer shows without new climate policies, natural gas supply will have little impact on carbon emissions.

ESS Welcomes Dr. Mathieu Morlighem

The Department of Earth System Science is pleased to announce Dr. Mathieu Morlighem has joined ESS as an Assistant Professor. Before accepting his new position, Mathieu was an Associate Project Scientist in ESS primarily based at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. We asked Mathieu about his research interests and thoughts on joining the ESS team, here’s what he had to say: