New ESS publication: A simple nutrient-dependence mechanism for predicting the stoichiometry of marine ecosystems

The elemental ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon in marine phytoplankton can diverge significantly from the “Redfield ratio,” but the underlying reasons have been hard to elucidate. As a result, global biogeochemical models often ignore this stoichiometric variability. Here we show that, hidden within the noise of a large dataset of particulate measurements, a surprisingly consistent relationship exists between community P:C and dissolved phosphate concentrations.

Professor Keith Moore Selected for CESM Distinguished Achievement Award

Irvine, Calif. - Professor Keith Moore of the Department of Earth System Science was selected as the recipient of the 2015 Community Earth System Model (CESM) Distinguished Achievement Award. Professor Moore has made significant contributions to the development of the ocean ecosystem and biogeochemical components of the CESM project over the years.