Cloud-J & Solar-J

For the most recent codes related to Fast-J or Cloud-J please go to anonymous ftp site at and look under public/prather/Fast-J.

Cloud-J 7.3c (2015 GMD) provides a practical and accurate method for modeling atmospheric chemistry.  Cloud-J now uses observations of the vertical correlation of cloud layers to define Maximum-Correlated groups of overlapping fractional area clouds with a column atmosphere.


Fast-J code, including developments such as Cloud-J, is distributed under GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). A copy of the GNU public license is at

Fast-J & Cloud-J

Note that I somehow destroyed this page in Septembe 2013 and have reconstructed it to point to the ftp site:  Note that the most recent, tested version for general use is fast JX version 7.1 (f90). Fast-J version 7.3 - now also designated Cloud-J is the newest version.  Do not use the new version 7.2 (cloud-JX) unless you contact me.  See notes on other versions.  The 7.0b and 6.8corr/6.7corr versions fixed bugs (specifically J-acetone).