Yufang Jin, Ph.D.

3204 Croul Hall
Department of Earth System Science
University of California
Irvine, CA 92697-3100

ph: 949.824.5693
email: yufang@uci.edu


My research interest is in the physical and biogeochemical aspects of global environment change. I use primarily satellite remote sensing observations and advanced geospatial techniques to study the complex processes and feedbacks in climate-vegetation-human system. My specific research areas include (1) monitoring the biogeophysical properties of land surface and detecting changes, (2) investigating ecological responses to climate change and disturbances, and (3) quantifying the effects of various disturbance agents on ecosystem dynamics and energy budget.
  • Satellite remote sensing of terrestrial ecosystems
  • Earth's radiative energy and water budget
  • Ecosystem change
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Geographyic information system


Doctor of Philosophy in Geography , Boston University, Boston, MA       2002
Department of Geography and Center for Remote Sensing
Advisor: Dr. Alan H. Strahler and Dr. Crystal B. Schaaf
Thesis: Evaluation, improvement, and applications of MODIS surface BRDF/Albedo retrieval
Master of Science in Environmental Sciences, Peking (Beijing) University       1998
Center for Environmental Sciences
Advisor: Professor Shengji Luan
Thesis: Applications of broadband extinction algorithm in atmospheric correction of satellite remotely sensed images
Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Physics, Peking (Beijing) University       1995
Department of Geophysics
Advisor: Beiying Wu
Thesis: Twilight polarization and optical depth of stratospheric aerosols over Beijing after the Pinatubo volcanic eruption
Minor: Economic Geography


Assistant and Associate Researcher, Department of Earth System Science, University of California, Irvine, CA
March 2005 -

Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Geography, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
April 2003 - February 2005

Postdoc Research Associate , Department of Geography, Boston Univeristy, Boston, MA
August 2002 - March 2003


  • Lecturer, Satellite remote sensing of environment and digital image processing, graduate-level course (ESS280A, 4 credit hours, lecture and computer lab), University of California, Fall 2010.

  • Guest Lecturer,Global retrieval of surface albedo from satellite observations, at the seminar course Remote sensing of terrestrial global change: past, present and future, the Department of Geography, University of Maryland, Fall 2004.

  • Guest Lecturer, Burned area detection using multi-temporal MODIS observations at Land use and land cover change course, the Department of Geography, University of Maryland,Spring 2004.


  • 2010 ~ 2013, NASA Interdisciplinary Science, Fires in Southern California: Interactions Between Climate Change, Ecosystems, and Humans, Y. Jin (PI), Co-PIs: J. Randerson, M. Goulden, Q. Li and A. Hall, and S. Hook.

  • 2008 ~ 2011, NASA New Investigator Program (NIP), Fire-induced Changes in Albedo and the Associated Radiative Forcing: a Comparison of Boreal Canada and Australia Tropical Savannas, Y. Jin (PI).

  • 2008 ~ 2011, NASA Carbon Cycle, Quantifying Changes in Northern High Latitude Ecosystems and Associated Feedbacks to the Climate System. Y. Jin (Co-I) with S. Goetz (PI), J. Randerson (Co-I), and M. Mack (Co-I).

  • 2008 ~ 2011, NASA Earth System Research Science, Fire-emissions Derived from Aqua and Terra Satellites, Y. Jin (Co-I) with J. Randerson (PI) and other Co-Is.

  • 2006 ~ 2010, NSF, Fire at the Intersection of Global Carbon and Water Cycles, Y. Jin (Co-I) with J. Randerson (PI) and other Co-Is.


  • Jin, Y., J. T. Randerson, M. L. Goulden, and S. J. Goetz (2012), Post-fire changes in net shortwave radiation along a latitudinal gradient in boreal North America, Geophysical Research Letters, 39, L13403, doi:10.1029/2012GL051790.

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  • Operation Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows
  • Programming Languages: C, FORTRAN, IDL, MatLab, C Shell Script, Perl
  • Applications: ENVI, IMAGINE, ArcGIS, SAS, S-Plus, R

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