San Joaquin Freshwater Marsh (SJFM) Tower 1 & 2

Site Description

The San Joaquin Freshwater Marsh (SJFM) reserve is located <1 mile from the the University of California, Irvine in Southern California (33.66° N; -117.85° W). The site contains two eddy covariance towers which are situated in Cattail (Typha latifolia) dominated freshwater marshes. Stand age is ~30 years and the hydroperiod is partly managed by the SJFM UC Reserve and the Irvine Ranch Water District.




Data Timeseries:

Tower 1:1999-Present

Tower 2: 2003-Present


CO2/H2O concentration

LI7000 Closed path IRGA


3D Wind & Temp

CSAT3 Sonic Anemometer
(Campbell Scientific)


Incoming and reflected PAR

LI90-SZ Quantum Sensor


Incoming and reflected Solar

CM3 Pyranometer (Kipp and Zonen)


Control/Data Collection

CR10X or CR23 X DataLogger (Campbell Scientific)



Goulden, M.L., M.C. Litvak, and S.D, Miller (2007) Factors controlling Marsh Evapotranspiration. Aquatic Botany. 58:97-106. [pdf]

Rocha AV, Goulden ML (2008) Large interannual CO2 and energy exchange variability in a freshwater marsh under consistent environmental conditions. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences   Volume: 113   Issue: G4 Article Number: G04019 

Rocha AV, Potts DL, Goulden ML (2008) Standing litter as a driver of interannual CO2 exchange variability in a freshwater marsh. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences   Volume: 113   Issue: G4 Article Number: G04020 

Rocha AV, Goulden ML (2009) Why is marsh productivity so high? New insights from eddy covariance and biomass measurements in a Typha marsh. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Volume 149, Issue 1

Data Access

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Please email Mike Goulden ( if you plan to use the data. The data contained on this site are freely available and we encourage others to use it. We require that an agreement on authorship be reached prior to publication and that the data source is acknowledged as either a citation or in the acknowledgments in your publication. These data may be updated or reprocessed from time to time and it is your responsibility to insure that your publication contains the most recent revision of the data.

In order to maintain these measurements we periodically need to demonstrate progress to our sponsoring agencies. In addition to informing us of your plans, we request that you also inform us on the status of your publication.

Meta Data [txt]

Tower 1 Data

Tower 1 Half hour Eddy Covariance Data (1999-2009) [matlab] [txt] *Updated: 3/26/10

Tower 1 Ecological/Biological Data [xls]


Tower 2 Data

Tower 2 Half hour Eddy Covariance Data (2003-2009) [matlab] [txt] *Updated: 3/26/10

Tower 2 Ecological/Biological Data [xls]

Note - These flux towers are maintained with minimal $ support (none! - but we're not complaining - we keep them going because it's fun).  A number of measurements have deteriorated over the study - especially radiation, temperature, and CO2 concentration.  The Sensible and CO2 fluxes are in comparatively good shape, and are thought to be stable over the study.  We have not gone out of our way to clean up the time series - we have posted the data set largely as is, with the philosophy that it doesn't hurt to allow people access to a messy data set, provided they have been warned it is messy.

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