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Measurement of Energy, Carbon and Water

Exchange Along California Climate Gradients

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The data contained on this site are freely available and we encourage others to use it. kindly keep us informed of how
you are using our data and of any publication plans. Please acknowledge the data source as a citation, or in the
acknowledgments if the data have not yet been published. If we feel that we should be offered participation as
authors, we will let you know and we assume that an agreement on such matters will be reached prior to publishing the
data. If your work directly competes with our analysis we may ask that we have the opportunity to submit a manuscript
before you submit one that uses unpublished data. These data may be updated or reprocessed from time to time, and it
is your responsibility to insure that your publication contains the most recent revision of the data.

In order to maintain these measurements we periodically need to demonstrate progress to our sponsoring agencies. In
addition to informing us of your plans, we kindly request that you help us by providing preprints and updates on
publication status.

Site (AmeriFlux code)
Tower location Data files




Version 3

Southern California Transect
Grassland (US-SCg)
-117.695  470 m
Coastal Sage (US-SCs) 33.734 -117.696
 475 m
Oak/Pine Forest (US-SCf) 33.808 -116.772 1710 m
Pinyon/Juniper (US-SCw) 33.605 -116.455 1280 m
Desert Chaparral (US-SCc) 33.610 -116.450 1300 m
Desert (US-SCd) 33.652 -116.372   275 m
Sierra Transect (Sierra Critical Zone Observatory)
Oak/Pine Woodland (US-CZ1) 37.109 -119.731
 405 m *v3_7.mat
Ponderosa Pine Forest (US-CZ2) 37.031 -119.256 1160 m *v3_7.mat
Sierran Mixed Conifer (US-CZ3) 37.067 -119.195 2015 m *v3_7.mat
Subalpine Forest (US-CZ4) 37.067
-118.987 2700 m *v3_7.mat

All coordinates are for tower in decimal degrees.

Important note for people using precipitation data. The precipitation time series in these files were collected with
unheated tipping bucket gauges; these gauges were not always ideally positioned or maintained; and little effort has
gone into cleaning these P records.  These records often provide a qualitiative indicator of whether it was raining at
the time, but should not be used for quantitative estimates of either short or long term water balance. Send mgoulden
an email if you're intersted in daily P time series for some or all of the sites.

The main files are discontinuous and have not been gap filled or filtered for calm conditions (u*).  We routinely do this
using a Matlab program Flexible Filler: Allsites_flexible_fillerV4.m

Column Headers for 30 Minute Data version3_6

Data Version: All files have been processed with our 3rd generation set of code (v3)
Data Release: v3_3 (May 2015 or earlier), v3_7 (October 2018)