1981 Burn

Site Description

Dense stand of 500 cm tall jack pine with scattered 500 cm tall aspen. Many 100–200 cm tall black
spruce. Continuous ground cover of grass, Labrador tea, willow, and wild rose. Mix of sphagnum and feather moss. Most black spruce trees killed by the 1981 fire had fallen before 2000


55 51' 47 " N, 98 29' 06 " W



LI7000 Closed path IRGA

3D Wind & Temp

CSAT3 Sonic Anemometer
(Campbell Scientific)

Air Temp/ Rel. Humidity

HMP45C Probe (Vasaila)

Incoming and reflected PAR

LI90-SZ Quantum Sensor

Incoming and reflected Solar

CM3 Pyranometer (Kipp and Zonen)

Control/Data Collection

CR5000 DataLogger (Campbell Scientific)

Solar Panels

Soil Temperature

Constracted in Lan

Soil moisture

CS615 TDR/

Air Temperature

T107 Thermistor (Campbell)

Soil Temperature Depths

Soil Moisture Depths



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