1930 Burn

Site Description

Closed canopy of 12–20m tall black spruce, with a few senescent jack pine and aspen. Nearly 100%
feather moss cover. Significant shrub layer of alder, willow, and Labrador tea


55° 55' 21 " N, 98° 31' 29" W



LI7000 Closed path IRGA

3D Wind & Temp

CSAT3 Sonic Anemometer
(Campbell Scientific)

Air Temp/ Rel. Humidity

HMP45C Probe (Vasaila)

Incoming and reflected PAR

LI90-SZ Quantum Sensor

Incoming and reflected Solar

CM3 Pyranometer (Kipp and Zonen)

Control/Data Collection

CR5000 DataLogger (Campbell Scientific)

Solar Panels

Soil Temperature

Constracted in Lan

Soil moisture

CS615 TDR/

Air Temperature

T107 Thermistor (Campbell)

Soil Temperature Depths

Soil Moisture Depths



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