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Are you passionate about climate change?

Consider a career in climate change science and solutions

What is Earth System Science?

Undergraduate Programs

We offer two undergraduate majors: a BS in Earth System Science, and a BA in Environmental Science & Policy. We also offer a minor in Earth and Atmospheric Science. Find out more!

BS in Earth System Science  BA in Environmental Science & Policy  Minor in Earth and Atmospheric Science

In addition to course work, we encourage all of our students to engage in undergraduate research, the ESS internship program,the UCI Education Abroad Program and other opportunities available to ESS students.

To learn how to apply to one of our undergraduate degree programs, please visit UCI Admissions.

Where will you make your mark?

With an Earth System Science or Environmental Science and Policy degree, you will be ready to address our society’s growing concerns and mitigation efforts related to the effects of a changing climate. You will be prepared for immediate employment in fields such as:


  • Environmental consulting

State/Federal Agency

  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Air Quality
  • Water management


  • National laboratories
  • Universities

Policy, regulation, NGOs

  • Economics
  • Public policy
  • Activism
  • Environmental advocacy group 

What makes us Unique?

We are the very first department of Earth System Science in the nation. Founded in 1995, this department is now home to members of the National Academies of Sciences and provides opportunities for students to learn from and work with recognized experts in the field. Being a relatively small department, you will have close contact with all faculty members, you will have the opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research with World renowned scientists.

Additionally, our programs have numerous electives to allow flexibility to focus on your particular interests within ESS, to pursue a double major or minor, or even to branch out across campus with social science courses.

Come join the most influential academic department in the nation devoted to studying the Earth as a system!


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Vice Chair, Undergraduate Studies

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