The summer REU program in Biogeochemistry and Climate Change includes:


In the first week, students will attend an orientation, consisting of an introduction to UC Irvine, the Department of Earth System Science (ESS) and the REU Program. Students will tour the science facilities, Science Library, and the campus. Students will meet individually with their mentors and be introduced to their research projects and laboratory facilities in which they will be working.


More information about the types of projects can be found on the projects page. In general, research can involve any combination of work in a laboratory, field research, data analysis, and literature reviews.

Science Workshop

Each week, students will attend at least one focused science workshop, taught by a faculty member associated with Earth System Science. Topics may include data modeling, MatLab, sample preparation, scientific writing, or field-work.

Weekly REU Lunch

Once a week, students will attend lunch with Professor Eric Saltzman. These sessions consist of either a journal club discussion of a paper related to the science workshop, or a practical training session on various aspects of scientific professional life: graduate programs in Earth Science, selecting a graduate advisor, the graduate school experience, career paths in Earth Science, scientific ethics and poster presentation.

Peer-Group Discussion

Informal discussion sessions, led by graduate students or post-docs are offered throughout the program. These sessions provide an opportunity for students to interact with their peers, while engaging in a scientific discussion.

National Scientific Meeting

Funding is available for students to attend the Fall American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting in San Francisco (or other national meeting suggested by their mentors) to present a poster based on their research.

REU Poster Symposium

Students will prepare and present a poster on their research at a symposium at the end of the program. This symposium is attended by ESS faculty, scientists, students and staff.

Image galleries from previous REU Poster Symposia:

Additional Activities

Along with informal lunches hosted by faculty and/or graduate students, we are available to assist with transportation for outdoor activities for interested students. These may include hikes or canoe/kayak excursions on local lakes or Back Bay in Newport Beach. Orange County also offers museums, a zoo, an Ocean Institute, professional sports, and theater opportunities for interested students. Click here for more information about visiting UC Irvine and the surrounding community.

There are a variety of transportation options available for REU students, including rental cars, bicycles, taxis, and shuttles. Students are encouraged to contact ESS staff for transportation recommendations.