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Eric Rignot

Eric Rignot (Professor, Earth System Science)

Eric is an expert on polar ice sheets and the effects of global climate change on the cryosphere. He joined UCI in 2007, from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he continues to be a senior research scientist. Eric manages research groups in both places. He uses satellites, airborne sensors, field data and computer models to understand the dynamics of glacier ice along the coasts of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets as well as in Alaska and Patagonia. His research has documented acceleration of ice loss in these places as a result of climate change.

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Jeremie Mouginot

Jeremie Mouginot (Assistant Researcher)

Jeremie (Ph.D. in Geophysics from the University of Grenoble, France) has been working with ground penetrating radar in polar regions and on Mars for several years. His research on Mars focused on the correction of ionospheric distortion, the surface reflectivity and the martian polar caps using the low frequency radar sounder MARSIS/Mars Express. He also specializes in SAR interferometry for glaciology.
Jeremie is currently working on NASA funded projects measuring ice thickness in polar regions and generating an ice velocity map of Antarctica.

Personal web page : here.
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+1 949 824 3931

Bernd Scheuchl

Bernd Scheuchl (Associate Project Scientist)

Bernd (Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Canada) has several years of experience in the field of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) remote sensing. He specializes in SAR interferometry and SAR polarimetry and worked in industrial and academic environments in Europe and North America. Bernd currently works on a NASA funded project generating an ice velocity map of Antarctica.
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+1 949 824 8382

Lu An

Lu An (Graduate student)

Lu (B.S. from Nanjing University, China) joined our group in 2011. She is currently attending courses and is exploring potential research topics in glaciology.

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Cilan Cai (Graduate student)

Cilan (M.Sc in Environmental Measurements and Assessments from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden) joined in our group in 2012. She is currently applying model tools to study the impact of ocean and subglacier discharge on the melting regime of floating ice tongue of Petermann Glacier, Greenland.

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Hongju Yu (Graduate student)

Hongju (B.S. from Nanjing University, China) joined our group in 2012. He is currently trying to write a model  on groundling line dynamics and incorporate it into the Ice Sheet System Model.

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Mike Wood (Graduate student)

Mike (B.S. in Mathematical Sciences from U.C. Santa Barbara) joined our group in 2014. He is currently combining remotely sensed data with oceanic and atmospheric model output to investigate the role of the ocean in driving glacial retreat in northwest Greenland.


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Emily Kane (Graduate student)

Emily (B.S. in meteorology from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire) joined our group in 2015. She is working to combine terrestrial radar and remote sending data to explore calving dynamics of Western Greenland's ice margins. 


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Romain Millan (Graduate student)

Romain (B.S. in Engineering Geophysics, M.E. in Engineering Geophysics, M.S. in Earth Sciences, all from the University of Strasbourg, France) joined our group in 2015. He is working on a project on remote sensing of glaciers and ice sheets.

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Former Group Members  
Xin Li

Xin Li (PhD)

Xin (B.S. in Geography from Nanjing University, China) is using remote sensing tools and the Ice Sheet System Model to study the grounding line dynamics of Totten Glacier, Antarctica.

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Yun Xu

Yun Xu (PhD)

Yun just passed her PhD exam (Congratulations !). The title of her thesis is:
Subaqueous melting of Greenland tidewater glaciers.

Yun (M.Sc. in Atmospheric Sciences from Nanjing University, China) is using numerical models to study the submarine melting and its impacts on glacial dynamics. For her work, she focuses on Greenland tidewater glaciers.

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Basile de Fleurian (Postdoctoral Scholar)

Basile (Ph.D. in Geophysics from the University of Grenoble, France)  has developed a subglacial hydrological model with the aim of giving a better description of the basal sliding of glaciers. His research at ESS focuses on the implementation of the hydrological code in ISSM and the application to large scale glaciers.

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Helene Seroussi (NASA Postdoctoral Fellow)

Helene (Ph.D. in ice sheet numerical modeling from Ecole Centrale Paris, France) is one of the core developers of the Ice Sheet System Model developed in partnership with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Her research focuses on improving numerical projections of the ice sheet contribution to sea level rise in a warming climate. She is funded by a NASA Fellowship to investigate interactions between ice shelves and their tributary glaciers.

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