MICRO: Microorganisms in the Coastal Region of Orange County

This is a long-term collaborative time-series to monitor and understand the microbial community composition in the coastal zone here in Orange County. Our collaborators are Steven Allison, Jennifer Martiny, and Sunny Jiang (all at UCI).

There are many opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved with the project. Please email us if you are interested.

The first papers from this time series were recently published (and several more to come):

Freitas et al.: Global distribution and diversity of marine Verrucomicrobia. ISME J.

Allison et al: Fine-scale temporal variation in marine ectoenzymes of coastal southern California. Front. Microbio.


Three times a week, we measure the following:




Extracellular enzyme activity



Once a week, we measure:

Particulate phosphorus

Particulate nitrogen

Particulate carbon