Photo compilation of ESS researchers in the field

Research in the Department of Earth System Science at the University of California, Irvine focuses on how the atmosphere, land and oceans interact as a system and how the Earth will change over a human lifetime. ESS faculty research interests vary widely from climate, atmospheric chemistry, and biogeochemistry to oceanography and hydrology. The department ranks among the top U.S. universities for the impact of its publications in the geosciences. In addition to their research, faculty work to inform and educate policy makers and the community at large on a range of issues affecting the environment and quality of life.

Atmospheric Chemistry Biogeochemical Cycles Physical Climate
ESS Faculty ESS Faculty ESS Faculty
Claudia Czimczik Claudia Czimczik Kathleen Johnson
Ellen Druffel Steven J. Davis Gudrun Magnusdottir
Alex Guenther Ellen Druffel Mathieu Morlighem
Saewung Kim Michael Goulden Francois Primeau
Michael Prather Kate Mackey Mike Pritchard
Eric Saltzman Adam Martiny Eric Rignot
Charles Zender Keith Moore Isabella Velicogna
  Francois Primeau Jin-Yi Yu
  James Randerson Charles Zender
  Eric Saltzman  
  John Southon  
  Susan Trumbore  
Affiliated & Emeritus Faculty Affiliated & Emeritus Faculty Affiliated & Emeritus Faculty
Ralph Cicerone Steven Allison Kristen Davis
Jasper Vrugt William Reeburgh Soroosh Sorooshian
    Jasper Vrugt
The study of the chemical composition of the Earth's atmosphere using environmental chemistry, physics, meteorology, computer modeling, and oceanography The study of biological processes in ecosystem, regional, and global carbon, nitrogen, and water cycles, and how this role is changing due to human activities The study of Earth's climate system involving interactions between the ocean, land, atmosphere, cryosphere, and hydrosphere