Picture Name Title Email Address Office Location Office Phone
Elizabeth Crook Elizabeth Crook Lecturer PSOE e.crook@uci.edu 3211 Croul Hall (949)824-3830
Claudia Czimczik Claudia Czimczik Associate Professor czimczik@uci.edu 3228 Croul Hall (949)824-1049
Steven J. Davis Steven J. Davis Associate Professor sjdavis@uci.edu 3232 Croul Hall (949)824-1821
Ellen Druffel Ellen Druffel Fred Kavli Chair in Earth System Science and Professor of Earth System Science edruffel@uci.edu 3222 Croul Hall (949)824-2116
Julie Ferguson Julie Ferguson Lecturer PSOE julie.ferguson@uci.edu 3313 Croul Hall (949)824-9411
Michael Goulden Michael Goulden Professor mgoulden@uci.edu 3319 Croul Hall (949)824-1983
Alex Guenther Alex Guenther Professor alex.guenther@uci.edu 3327 Croul Hall (949) 824-7320
Kathleen Johnson Kathleen Johnson Associate Professor kathleen.johnson@uci.edu 3206 Croul Hall (949)824-6174
Saewung Kim Saewung Kim Assistant Professor saewungk@uci.edu 3216 Croul Hall (949)824-4531
Kate Mackey Katherine Mackey Clare Booth Luce Assistant Professor of Earth System Science kmackey@uci.edu 3204 Croul Hall (949)824-1133
Gudrun Magnusdottir Gudrun Magnusdottir Professor gudrun@uci.edu 3321 Croul Hall (949)824-3520
Adam Martiny Adam Martiny Professor, Earth System Science and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology amartiny@uci.edu 3208 Croul Hall (949)824-9713
Jefferson K. Moore Jefferson K. Moore Professor jkmoore@uci.edu 3214 Croul Hall (949)824-5391
Mathieu Morlighem Mathieu Morlighem Assistant Professor mathieu.morlighem@uci.edu 3218 Croul Hall (949)824-1353
Nathan Mueller Assistant Professor nmueller@uci.edu 3209 Croul Hall (949) 824-4824
Michael Prather Michael Prather Distinguished Professor of Earth System Science mprather@uci.edu 3329 Croul Hall (949)824-5838
Francois Primeau Francois Primeau Professor fprimeau@uci.edu 3224 Croul Hall (949)824-9435
Michael Pritchard Michael Pritchard Assistant Professor mspritch@uci.edu 3317 Croul Hall (949)824-3583
James Randerson James Randerson UCI Chancellor's Professor of Earth System Science jranders@uci.edu 3212 Croul Hall (949)824-9030
Eric Rignot Eric Rignot Chair and Donald Bren Professor of Earth System Science erignot@uci.edu 3202 Croul Hall (949)824-3739
Eric Saltzman Eric Saltzman Professor eric.saltzman@uci.edu 3325 Croul Hall (949)824-3936
Sue Trumbore Sue Trumbore Professor setrumbo@uci.edu 3209 Croul Hall (949)824-4824
Isabella Velicogna Isabella Velicogna Professor isabella@uci.edu 3226 Croul Hall (949)824-5419
Jin Yi Yu Jin Yi Yu Professor jyyu@uci.edu 3315 Croul Hall (949)824-3878
Charles Zender Charles Zender Professor zender@uci.edu 3323 Croul Hall (949)891-2429