Charles Zender

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3323 Croul Hall
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240U Rowland Hall
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Studies the microphysics of trace gas, aerosol and surface interactions with the Earth’s radiative, thermodynamic and chemical processes.
Develops and refines the representation of these processes to improve climate prediction.
Predicts and attributes features of climate and climate change using model simulations combined with lab, field and satellite data.
Current research includes mineral dust and carbonaceous aerosols, snow lifecycle and albedo, aerosol impacts on ocean biogeochemistry, wind-driven surface energy/mass exchange, climate-disease links and large-scale data analysis.

Expert in desert dust and fire-emitted soot, snowpack lifecycle and reflectance, wind-dispersal of nutrients and pathogens, wind-drag effects on deserts and oceans, wind energy, volcanos, ice sheet darkening and large-scale data analysis.

Research Areas: 
Atmospheric Chemistry
Physical Climate
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Zender Research Group