Michael Prather

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Distinguished Professor of Earth System Science
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3329 Croul Hall
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2101 Croul Hall
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Seeks to assess the impacts of humans on atmospheric composition within both scientific and policy arenas.  Research areas include: the chemically reactive greenhouse gases, particularly methane and ozone; understanding the factors controlling their past and projected abundances; and quantifying their role in climate change, including mitigation options.
Focuses on simulation of the physical, chemical and biological processes that determine atmospheric composition. 
Develops detailed numerical models of photochemistry and atmospheric radiation plus global chemical transport models that describe ozone and other trace gases. 
Examines chemical coupling and non-linearities in the atmosphere that control global cycling of the greenhouse gases.

Expert in human impact on atmosphere composition, greenhouse gases (specifically methane and ozone), computer modeling of the atmosphere and public policy.

Research Areas: 
Atmospheric Chemistry
Research Labs: 
Prather Modeling Lab