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3228 Croul Hall
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2222 Croul Hall
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Studies the impacts of climate change, alterations in natural disturbance frequencies (i.e. fire) and changes in land use and management (i.e. urbanization) on the cycling of carbon and nitrogen in terrestrial ecosystems.
Appreciates and predicts how human activities will impact the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems in the future and how changing terrestrial ecosystems will feedback to the climate system.
Focuses on high-latitude ecosystems (arctic tundra and boreal forests).

Expert in how climate and land-use change affect the storage of carbon in land ecosystems and the exchange of carbon dioxide, methane and carbonaceous aerosols between the land and the atmosphere. Key interests: Boreal and Arctic, Mega-Cities.

Research Areas: 
Biogeochemical Cycles
Research Labs: 
Czimczik Lab