Picture Name Title Email Address Office Location Office Phone
Geroua A Geruo A Assistant Project Scientist geruoa@uci.edu 1101A Croul Hall (949)824-3516
Amir AghaKouchak Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering and Earth System Science amir.a@uci.edu 5404 Engineering Hall (949) 824-9350
Steve Allison Steve Allison Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Earth System Science allisons@uci.edu 3108 Biological Sciences III (949)824-2341
Lu An Lu An Postdoctoral Scholar lan3@uci.edu 240R Rowland Hall
Lucia Andreoli Financial Officer andreoll@uci.edu 3200D Croul Hall (949) 824-3877
Mariam Ayad Undergraduate Student Researcher
Murat Aydin Kamil Murat Aydin Associate Researcher maydin@uci.edu 240F Rowland Hall (949)824-5693
Ann Bardin Ann Bardin Associate Specialist abardin@uci.edu 1101 Croul Hall
Chanda Bertrand Chanda Bertrand Specialist bertranc@uci.edu B321 Croul Hall (949)824-3674
Virginia Brancato Postdoctoral Scholar vbrancat@uci.edu 240G Rowland Hall
Cilan Cai Graduate Student Researcher cilanc@uci.edu 240R Rowland Hall
Jesus Campos Graduate Student Researcher camposjg@uci.edu B212 Croul Hall
Jiepeng Chen Visiting Research Fellow jiepengc@uci.edu 2101C Croul Hall
Mengyan Chen Jr. Specialist mengyc2@uci.edu 2101C Croul Hall
Yang Chen Yang Chen Assistant Researcher yang.chen@uci.edu 240D Rowland Hall (949)824-6898
Youngmin Choi Graduate Student Researcher youngmc3@uci.edu 240N Rowland Hall
Toufik Chtouki Graduate Student Researcher ctoufik@uci.edu 240V Rowland Hall
Anteater image Jaycee Chu Student Affairs Manager jhchu@uci.edu 3200B Croul Hall (949)824-1604
Enrico Ciraci Enrico Ciraci Graduate Student Researcher enrico.ciraci@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Shane Coffield Graduate Student Researcher scoffiel@uci.edu 3213 Croul Hall
Elizabeth Crook Elizabeth Crook Lecturer PSOE e.crook@uci.edu 3211 Croul Hall (949)824-3830
Joshua Cuzzone Postdoctoral Scholar jcuzzone@uci.edu 240B Rowland Hall
Claudia Czimczik Claudia Czimczik Associate Professor czimczik@uci.edu 3228 Croul Hall (949)824-1049
Cheng Dang Postdoctoral Scholar cdang5@uci.edu 240A Rowland Hall
Kristen Davis Kristen Davis Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering and Earth System Science davis@uci.edu 544E Engineering Tower (949)824-4498
Steven J. Davis Steven J. Davis Associate Professor sjdavis@uci.edu 3232 Croul Hall (949)824-1821
Alyssa De La Rose Undergraduate Student Researcher
Julian Deline Jr. Specialist
Ellen Druffel Ellen Druffel Fred Kavli Chair in Earth System Science and Distinguished Professor of Earth System Science edruffel@uci.edu 3222 Croul Hall (949)824-2116
Shivani Ehrenfeucht Graduate Student Researcher sehrenfe@uci.edu 240P Rowland Hall
Dillon Elsbury Graduate Student Researcher delsbury@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Kimberly Escalante Student Assistant kgescala@uci.edu
Shih-Wei Fang Graduate Student Researcher shihweif@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Julie Ferguson Julie Ferguson Lecturer SOE julie.ferguson@uci.edu 3313 Croul Hall (949)824-9411
Nicole Fiore Graduate Student Researcher nmfiore@uci.edu 2311 Croul Hall
Brenda Fitzjarrald Department Administrator bfitzjar@uci.edu 3200 Croul Hall (949)824-3876
Clare Flynn Postdoctoral Scholar claref@uci.edu 2101F Croul Hall
Robert Fofrich Graduate Student Researcher rfofrich@uci.edu 240X Rowland Hall
Efi Foufoula-Georgiou Distinguished Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering and Earth System Science efi@uci.edu 5428 Engineering Hall (949) 824-9643
Megan Fowler Graduate Student Researcher mdfowler@uci.edu 1101 Croul Hall
Weiwei Fu Weiwei Fu Assistant Project Scientist weiweif@uci.edu 240E Rowland Hall (949)824-4293
Noreen Garcia Undergraduate Student Researcher
Cathy Garcia Catherine Garcia Graduate Student Researcher catgar@uci.edu 1101 Croul Hall
Zulema Gomez Postdoctoral Scholar gomezz@uci.edu 1101C Croul Hall
Morgan Gorris Morgan Gorris Graduate Student Researcher mgorris@uci.edu 240W Rowland Hall
Michael Goulden Michael Goulden Professor mgoulden@uci.edu 3319 Croul Hall (949)824-1983
Sheila Griffin Sheila Griffin Specialist sgriffin@uci.edu 2212B Croul Hall (949)824-3286
Dasa Gu Postdoctoral Scholar dasag@uci.edu 1101F Croul Hall
Alex Guenther Alex Guenther Professor alex.guenther@uci.edu 3327 Croul Hall (949) 824-7320
Stijn Hantson Assistant Project Scientist shantson@uci.edu 240U Rowland Hall
Niels Hauksson Graduate Student Researcher nhauksso@uci.edu 3219 Croul Hall
Shan He Jr. Specialist she9@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Zhuoya He Graduate Student Researcher zhuoyah@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Nicole Hemming-Schroeder Graduate Student Researcher hemmingn@uci.edu 3213 Croul Hall
Jacob Hendrickson Graduate Student Researcher jmhendri@uci.edu 3213 Croul Hall
Cesar Hinojo Hinojo Postdoctoral Scholar chinojoh@uci.edu 1101E Croul Hall
Chaopeng Hong Postdoctoral Scholar chaopeh@uci.edu 240B Rowland Hall
Tien-Yiao Hsu Graduate Student Researcher tienyiah@uci.edu 3213 Croul Hall
Chia-Wei Hsu Chia-Wei Hsu Postdoctoral Scholar chiaweh2@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Juno Hsu Juno Hsu Associate Project Scientist juno.hsu@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall (949)824-9579
Qian Huang Graduate Student Researcher qianh1@uci.edu 1101 Croul Hall
Seongsu Jeong Associate Project Scientist seongsuj@uci.edu 240H Rowland Hall
Daun Jeong Daun Jeong Graduate Student Researcher daunj1@uci.edu 1313 Croul Hall (949)824-9352
Ricardo Jimenez Ricardo Jimenez Assistant Specialist ricardoj@uci.edu 2214 Croul Hall (949)824-0045
Kathleen Johnson Kathleen Johnson Associate Professor kathleen.johnson@uci.edu 3206 Croul Hall (949)824-6174
Emily Kane Graduate Student Researcher kanees@uci.edu 240V Rowland Hall
Saewung Kim Saewung Kim Associate Professor saewungk@uci.edu 3216 Croul Hall (949)824-4531
Teghveer Kooner Undergraduate Student Researcher tkooner@uci.edu
Zachary Labe Graduate Student Researcher zlabe@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Matthew Laffin Graduate Student Researcher mlaffin@uci.edu 3217 Croul Hall
Baird Langenbrunner Postdoctoral Scholar blangenb@uci.edu 1101D Croul Hall
Alyse Larkin Postdoctoral Scholar larkinsa@uci.edu CH 1101F
Noel Leanos-Mejia Undergraduate Student Researcher nleanosm@uci.edu
Paul Levine Paul Levine Graduate Student Researcher paul.levine@uci.edu 2224 Croul Hall (949)824-9022
Christian Lewis Graduate Student Researcher lewiscb@uci.edu 240W Rowland Hall
Chia-Chun Liang Graduate Student Researcher chiachl6@uci.edu 3217 Croul Hall
Yu-Chiao Liang Yu-Chiao Liang Graduate Student Researcher yuchiaol@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Yi Liu Graduate Student Researcher yil45@uci.edu 3215 Croul Hall
Min-Hui Lo Visiting Associate Professor mlo@uci.edu 2101G Croul Hall
Johann Lopez Graduate Student Researcher johannl@uci.edu 1101 Croul Hall
Raisha Lovindeer Graduate Student Researcher raisha.lovindeer@uci.edu 1101 Croul Hall
Kate Mackey Katherine Mackey Clare Booth Luce Assistant Professor of Earth System Science kmackey@uci.edu 3204 Croul Hall (949)824-1133
Gudrun Magnusdottir Gudrun Magnusdottir Professor gudrun@uci.edu 3321 Croul Hall (949)824-3520
Hector Martinez de la Torre Assistant Specialist hamartin@uci.edu CH B321
Adam Martiny Adam Martiny Professor, Earth System Science and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology amartiny@uci.edu 3208 Croul Hall (949)824-9713
Elliot McCollum Department Assistant mccolluc@uci.edu 3200 Croul Hall (949) 824-8794
Cyril McCormick Cyril McCormick Director, Instrumental Development Facility mccormic@uci.edu 2214 Croul Hall (949)824-0045
Chris McGuire Graduate Student Researcher cmmcguir@uci.edu 3215 Croul Hall
Carla Mendez Undergraduate Student Researcher carlam2@uci.edu
Anne Mielnik Graduate Student Researcher amielnik@uci.edu B212 Croul Hall
Yara Mohajerani Graduate Student Researcher ymohajer@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Griffin Mooers Graduate Student Researcher gmooers@uci.edu 3219 Croul Hall
Jefferson K. Moore Jefferson K. Moore Professor jkmoore@uci.edu 3214 Croul Hall (949)824-5391
Mathieu Morlighem Mathieu Morlighem Associate Professor mathieu.morlighem@uci.edu 3218 Croul Hall (949)824-1353
Jeremie Mouginot Associate Researcher jmougino@uci.edu 240J Rowland Hall (949)824-3931
Mingquan Mu Mingquan Mu Associate Project Scientist mmu@uci.edu 240C Rowland Hall (949)824-1474
Nathan Mueller Assistant Professor nmueller@uci.edu 3209 Croul Hall (949) 824-4824
Sanjeevi Nagalingam Graduate Student Researcher snagalin@uci.edu B214 Croul Hall
Mindy Nicewonger Melinda Nicewonger Graduate Student Researcher nicewonm@uci.edu 1212 Croul Hall (949)824-1726
James Norris Specialist norrisj1@uci.edu