Picture Name Title Email Address Office Location Office Phone
Geroua A Geruo A Assistant Project Scientist geruoa@uci.edu 1101A Croul Hall (949)824-3516
Amir AghaKouchak Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering and Earth System Science amir.a@uci.edu 5404 Engineering Hall (949) 824-9350
Shayma Al Ali Graduate Student Researcher salali@uci.edu B002 Croul Hall
Steve Allison Steve Allison Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Earth System Science allisons@uci.edu 3108 Biological Sciences III (949)824-2341
Lu An Lu An Postdoctoral Scholar lan3@uci.edu 240R Rowland Hall
Lucia Andreoli Financial Officer andreoll@uci.edu 3200D Croul Hall (949) 824-3877
Mariam Ayad Undergraduate Student Researcher
Murat Aydin Kamil Murat Aydin Associate Researcher maydin@uci.edu 240F Rowland Hall (949)824-5693
Ashton Bandy Graduate Student Researcher abandy@uci.edu B002 Croul Hall
Ann Bardin Ann Bardin Associate Specialist abardin@uci.edu 1101 Croul Hall
Samarpita Basu Postdoctoral Scholar samarpb@uci.edu 1101C Croul Hall
Joseph J. Becker Assistant Specialist jjbecker@uci.edu 2101 CRH
Chanda Bertrand Chanda Bertrand Specialist bertranc@uci.edu B321 Croul Hall (949)824-3674
Tom Beucler Postdoctoral Scholar tbeucler@uci.edu 1101D Croul Hall
Virginia Brancato Postdoctoral Scholar vbrancat@uci.edu 240G Rowland Hall
Paulo Brando Assistant Professor pbrando@uci.edu 3215 Croul Hall
Jesus Campos Graduate Student Researcher camposjg@uci.edu B212 Croul Hall
Hanning Chen Graduate Student Researcher hanninc@uci.edu B002 Croul Hall
Jiepeng Chen Visiting Research Fellow jiepengc@uci.edu 2101C Croul Hall
Mengyan Chen Jr. Specialist mengyc2@uci.edu 2101C Croul Hall
Yang Chen Yang Chen Assistant Researcher yang.chen@uci.edu 240D Rowland Hall (949)824-6898
Youngmin Choi Graduate Student Researcher youngmc3@uci.edu 240N Rowland Hall
Toufik Chtouki Graduate Student Researcher ctoufik@uci.edu 240V Rowland Hall
Enrico Ciraci Enrico Ciraci Assistant Specialist enrico.ciraci@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Shane Coffield Graduate Student Researcher scoffiel@uci.edu 2224 Croul Hall
Elizabeth Crook Elizabeth Crook Lecturer PSOE e.crook@uci.edu 3211 Croul Hall (949)824-3830
Joshua Cuzzone Postdoctoral Scholar jcuzzone@uci.edu 240B Rowland Hall
Claudia Czimczik Claudia Czimczik Associate Professor czimczik@uci.edu 3228 Croul Hall (949)824-1049
Cheng Dang Postdoctoral Scholar cdang5@uci.edu 240A Rowland Hall
Kristen Davis Kristen Davis Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering and Earth System Science davis@uci.edu 544E Engineering Tower (949)824-4498
Steven J. Davis Steven J. Davis Associate Professor sjdavis@uci.edu 3232 Croul Hall (949)824-1821
Alyssa De La Rose Undergraduate Student Researcher
Julianne DeAngelo Graduate Student Researcher deangelj@uci.edu B002 Croul Hall
Thiago Dias dos Santos Postdoctoral Scholar tdiasdos@uci.edu 240H Rowland Hall
Ellen Druffel Ellen Druffel Fred Kavli Chair in Earth System Science and Distinguished Professor of Earth System Science edruffel@uci.edu 3222 Croul Hall (949)824-2116
Benis Egoh Assistant Professor begoh@uci.edu 3219 Croul Hall (949) 824-0985
Shivani Ehrenfeucht Graduate Student Researcher sehrenfe@uci.edu 240P Rowland Hall
Dillon Elsbury Graduate Student Researcher delsbury@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Adam Fagan Graduate Student Researcher afagan@uci.edu B002 Croul Hall
Shih-Wei Fang Graduate Student Researcher shihweif@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Marina Fennell Graduate Student Researcher mfennell@uci.edu B002 Croul Hall
Julie Ferguson Julie Ferguson Lecturer SOE julie.ferguson@uci.edu 3313 Croul Hall (949)824-9411
Nicole Fiore Graduate Student Researcher nmfiore@uci.edu 2311 Croul Hall
Brenda Fitzjarrald Department Administrator bfitzjar@uci.edu 3200 Croul Hall (949)824-3876
Clare Flynn Postdoctoral Scholar claref@uci.edu 2101F Croul Hall
Robert Fofrich Graduate Student Researcher rfofrich@uci.edu 240X Rowland Hall
Efi Foufoula-Georgiou Distinguished Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering and Earth System Science efi@uci.edu 5428 Engineering Hall (949) 824-9643
Megan Fowler Graduate Student Researcher mdfowler@uci.edu 1101 Croul Hall
Wenjing Fu Assistant Specialist wenjinf@uci..edu 2313B Croul Hall
Weiwei Fu Weiwei Fu Assistant Project Scientist weiweif@uci.edu 240E Rowland Hall (949)824-4293
Nathan Garcia Assistant Project Scientist nsgarcia@uci.edu 1101H Croul Hall
Noreen Garcia Undergraduate Student Researcher
Cathy Garcia Catherine Garcia Graduate Student Researcher catgar@uci.edu 1101 Croul Hall
Maria Gisbert Jr. Specialist mgisbert@uci.edu 240V Rowland Hall
Morgan Gorris Morgan Gorris Graduate Student Researcher mgorris@uci.edu 240W Rowland Hall
Michael Goulden Michael Goulden Professor mgoulden@uci.edu 3319 Croul Hall (949)824-1983
Sheila Griffin Sheila Griffin Specialist sgriffin@uci.edu 2212B Croul Hall (949)824-3286
Alex Guenther Alex Guenther Professor alex.guenther@uci.edu 3327 Croul Hall (949) 824-7320
Stijn Hantson Assistant Project Scientist shantson@uci.edu 240U Rowland Hall
Niels Hauksson Graduate Student Researcher nhauksso@uci.edu B002 Croul Hall
Shan He Jr. Specialist she9@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Zhuoya He Graduate Student Researcher zhuoyah@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Nicole Hemming-Schroeder Graduate Student Researcher hemmingn@uci.edu 3213 Croul Hall
Jacob Hendrickson Graduate Student Researcher jmhendri@uci.edu 3213 Croul Hall
Cesar Hinojo Hinojo Postdoctoral Scholar chinojoh@uci.edu 1101E Croul Hall
Chaopeng Hong Postdoctoral Scholar chaopeh@uci.edu 240B Rowland Hall
Tien-Yiao Hsu Graduate Student Researcher tienyiah@uci.edu 3213 Croul Hall
Juno Hsu Juno Hsu Associate Project Scientist juno.hsu@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall (949)824-9579
Qian Huang Graduate Student Researcher qianh1@uci.edu 1101 Croul Hall
Seongsu Jeong Associate Project Scientist seongsuj@uci.edu 240H Rowland Hall
Daun Jeong Daun Jeong Graduate Student Researcher daunj1@uci.edu 1313 Croul Hall (949)824-9352
Kathleen Johnson Kathleen Johnson Associate Professor kathleen.johnson@uci.edu 3206 Croul Hall (949)824-6174
Emily Kane Graduate Student Researcher kanees@uci.edu 240V Rowland Hall
Jinhyuk Kim Graduate Student Researcher jinhyuek@uci.edu B002 Croul Hall
Jaehun Kim Graduate Student Researcher jaehuk2@uci.edu B002 Croul Hall
Saewung Kim Saewung Kim Associate Professor saewungk@uci.edu 3216 Croul Hall (949)824-4531
Pitchayawee Kittitananuvong Graduate Student Researcher pkittita@uci.edu B002 Croul Hall
Teghveer Kooner Undergraduate Student Researcher tkooner@uci.edu
Zachary Labe Graduate Student Researcher zlabe@uci.edu 2101 Croul Hall
Mody Lacour Postdoctoral Scholar mlacour@uci.edu 1101A Croul Hall
Matthew Laffin Graduate Student Researcher mlaffin@uci.edu 1101 Croul Hall
Alyse Larkin Postdoctoral Scholar larkinsa@uci.edu CH 1101F
Noel Leanos-Mejia Undergraduate Student Researcher nleanosm@uci.edu
Paul Levine Paul Levine Graduate Student Researcher paul.levine@uci.edu 2224 Croul Hall (949)824-9022
Christian Lewis Graduate Student Researcher lewiscb@uci.edu 240W Rowland Hall
Yue Li Postdoctoral Scholar yue.li@uci.edu 240P Rowland Hall
Chia-Chun Liang Graduate Student Researcher chiachl6@uci.edu 3217 Croul Hall
Yong-Fu Lin Postdoctoral Scholar yongful@uci.edu 1101F Croul Hall
Yi Liu Graduate Student Researcher yil45@uci.edu 240M Rowland Hall
Min-Hui Lo Visiting Associate Professor mlo@uci.edu 2101G Croul Hall
Johann Lopez Graduate Student Researcher johannl@uci.edu 1101 Croul Hall
Raisha Lovindeer Graduate Student Researcher raisha.lovindeer@uci.edu 1101 Croul Hall
Kate Mackey Katherine Mackey Clare Booth Luce Assistant Professor of Earth System Science kmackey@uci.edu 3204 Croul Hall (949)824-1133
Gudrun Magnusdottir Gudrun Magnusdottir Professor gudrun@uci.edu 3321 Croul Hall (949)824-3520
Hector Martinez de la Torre Assistant Specialist hamartin@uci.edu CH B321
Adam Martiny Adam Martiny Professor, Earth System Science and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology amartiny@uci.edu 3208 Croul Hall (949)824-9713
Elliot McCollum Department Assistant mccolluc@uci.edu 3200 Croul Hall (949) 824-8794
Cyril McCormick Cyril McCormick Director, Instrumental Development Facility mccormic@uci.edu 2214 Croul Hall (949)824-0045
Chris McGuire Graduate Student Researcher cmmcguir@uci.edu 3215 Croul Hall
Carla Mendez Undergraduate Student Researcher carlam2@uci.edu