Photo of AISIESS students, summer 2015


Interested in having ESS graduate students talk to your class about climate change? Addressing climate change through Learning, Empowerment, Action and Networking, CLEAN Education was founded on the belief that education is the essential foundation for global climate change solutions. CLEAN Education is a program designed to supplement existing elementary (1st-8th grade) science education. The problems presented by global climate change can seem overwhelming, often leading to apathy and inaction. By combining practical information with a fun, engaging, play-based learning environment, CLEAN Education fosters a positive attitude that empowers children to take meaningful action. To contact CLEAN, please contect them here.

UC Irvine Center for Educational Partnerships

UC Irvine's Center for Educational Partnerships creates collaborations that support preparation for and success in higher education. The center focuses on equity and access for all students in order to achieve the University of California's goal of academic excellence. Visit the CFEP website ito learn more.

UC Irvine Center for Service in Action

The Center for Service in Action promotes volunteerism, recognizing the important role community service and experiential learning plays in the education of students. Programs and services encourage students to develop a sense of civic responsibility through meaningful and mutually beneficial service, and education about social concerns. Visit the Center for Service in Action website to learn more.

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