Congratulations to Scott Capps, named one of the 2007-2009 UC Irvine School of Physical Sciences ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Students) Foundation Scholars

Born and raised in Southern California, I have studied the weather since childhood. I received my undergraduate degree in finance from Cal Poly Pomona (1994) and had a successful career as an underwriter and programmer for ten years in the financial sector. Realizing the importance of following my life-long passion, I began my graduate work at UCI (Earth System Science, Fall 2004). Prior to applying, I spent many nights after work attending prerequisite math and physics courses at UCI and CSU Fullerton. I have two children and a wife who have supported and challenged me throughout my graduate career. My research interests include micrometeorology, sub-gridscale wind speed variability and turbulence and long-term climate forecasting. Currently, I am parameterizing sub-gridscale wind speed variability within a general circulation model and evaluating the climate response. I enjoy teaching others about the environment and have found that children are more open to changing the non-sustainable habits we as a society have adopted.

Monday, October 1, 2007
Scott Capps
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