Title: The Last Glacial Maximum revisited: new perspectives from paleoclimate data assimilation

Abstract: The Last Glacial Maximum (the peak of the last ice age ~20,000 years ago) has been studied for over 40 years as a data-rich climate state dramatically different from today. The question of how cold the LGM was is fundamental to understanding the climate sensitivity of the Earth System. Here I’ll revisit LGM climatology by using paleoclimate data assimilation - the formal combination of proxy temperature data and state-of-the-art climate model simulations. The assimilated product provides us with a more precise estimate of LGM cooling as well as a spatial view of changes in the ocean and atmosphere during this key paleoclimate time period.


Speaker Information
Jessica Tierney
Associate Professor
University of Arizona
Kathleen Johnson
Date and Time: 
Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 3:30pm
The Jenkins Room | Croul Hall 3101