Title: Modeling Climate Change and Agriculture in California

Abstract: California produces nearly half of the country’s fruits and vegetables, and 20% of the country’s milk. Agriculture accounts for 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions in California, so agricultural systems provide an opportunity for climate mitigation. In fact, California is working to reduce agricultural emissions through initiatives such as the California Healthy Soils Initiative and the Dairy Digester Research and Development program. Agricultural systems also must adapt to climate change, including temperature and changes in water availability. In this talk, I will the effects of different agricultural management systems on climate change, including manure emissions and soil carbon sequestration.

Speaker Information
Alison Marklein
Project Scientist
Environmental Sciences
UC Riverside
Steve Allison
Date and Time: 
Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - 3:30pm
The Jenkins Room | Croul Hall 3101