Jenkins Family Honored in Conference Room Dedication Ceremony

On June 2, 2016, the Croul Hall 3rd floor conference room was dedicated as "The Jenkins Room" to offer grateful acknowledgement to Greg, Donna, and Brad Jenkins for their generous support and commitment to the advancement of scientific research. For over 20 years, the contributions of the Jenkins family have produced significant advances in the Department of Earth System Science. We are grateful not only for the family’s financial support, but also for their genuine interest in Earth system science. In addition to early gifts that helped establish a state-of-the-art building designed to facilitate interdisciplinary research, the Jenkins family has helped ESS create opportunities for new graduate student research projects and other special initiatives that would have otherwise not been possible.

As part of the dedication ceremony, the first year Ph.D. students presented their practicum presentations, research made possible by the Jenkins Family first year graduate student fellowships. The Department of Earth System Science is proud to call our flagship conference room The Jenkins Room, in honor of the significant and longstanding support of the Jenkins Family.

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Click here to see some photos from the ceremony, reception and prior research conducted thanks to the Jenkins Family's support.