The Electronics Facility is equipped to support electronic instrumentation from simple interconnects to complex systems. Please contact the facility for advice, repair, design & development, and parts services. All departments are welcome. Off site work accepted.


Advice and recommendation on any electrical issue is freely offered. Faculty and students are welcome to use the shop tools and test equipment as needed.


Job Estimates available. Rates extremely reasonable. We repair and calibrate anything. Oscilloscopes, power supplies, scientific instruments, amplifiers, computers, frayed cables, motors, controllers, etc. etc. If we can’t fix it, we generally won’t charge you. Schematics for complex instruments are encouraged.

Design & Development:

Analog or digital, hardware or software, off-the-shelf or custom, prototype or PCB— design services encompassing all disciplines of electronics are available.


Our electronic components and supplies are available at cost.

For more information, please contact:

Cyril McCormick E.E., Instrumentation Engineer

Instrumentation Development Facility

2214 Croul Hall University of California, Irvine, California, 92697

Lab Phone: 

(949) 824-0045, (949) 677-8391