Research Lab


Baldwin Group


The Baldwin Group studies climate dynamics and extreme event risk.

Research Area: Human Systems, Physical Climate


   Davis     Research   Group   


The Davis Research Group works to understand and find ways to meet the challenge of satisfying global demand for energy, food, and goods without emitting CO2 to the atmosphere. Steve Davis and his team are interested in energy technology and policy; emissions and energy embodied in international trade; life cycle assessment; interactions of agriculture and climate; human drivers of greenhouse gas emissions; and socio-economic inertia of climate change.

Research Area: Biogeochemical Cycles, Human Systems


Egoh Research Group


The Egoh Research Group is interested in the mapping and valuing of ecosystem services to understanding the economic consequences of land degradation on human well-being. Understanding links between ecosystem services and underpinning biodiversity. Also of interest is the implementation of current policies related to biodiversity and ecosystem services and options that exist to safeguard or restore priority areas important for both. The identification of such priority areas is at the center of their research.

Research Area: Human Systems


Mueller Lab


Research in the Mueller Lab analyzes the interactions between climate, land use, agriculture, water, and food security in the context of global change.

Research Area: Human Systems