Student Laboratory Assistant

Student Laboratory Assistant
We are looking for a few interested and reliable students to work in a research lab.
The W.M. Keck Carbon Cycle Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
(AMS) Laboratory is a facility in the Department of Earth System Science.
We measure carbon-14 in samples of coral, shells, seawater, wood, sediment,
charcoal, bone, etc to determine how carbon is transferred between the ocean,
land and atmosphere. We need help in the laboratory preparing samples of
various kinds for the AMS measurement. Duties will be varied according
the skills of the individual, but can include all stages of sample preparation,
running of the spectrometer, and documentation.
In particular, we seek individuals who have a science background, some laboratory
experience, have the time to schedule regular work hours (available for at least one
year), mature, responsible and committed to deadlines, and are interested
in learning new things. A commitment to working as part of a team and the
ability to work well in shared lab facilities is required. We can offer an exciting
research environment, and exposure to a number of interdisciplinary science problems.
Applications (CV and formal letter of interest) should be sent to
Guaciara dos Santos ( and/or John Southon (