Congratulations to Alli and George for getting their paper accepted in Biogeosciences

Please join me in congratulating Alli and George in getting their recent modeling paper accepted in Biogeosciences. This is an excellent paper describing how environmental changes, biological resource allocations, elemental stoichiometry, carbon export, and atmospheric CO2 interacts.

Well done!!


New review on 'Ecological Stoichiometry of Marine Plankton' out

A new review on the elemental stoichiometry of plankton led by Alli Moreno is out!!!!

Special Research Topic in Ecological Stoichiometry

Together with Bob Sterner, Jim Cotner, Jim Elser, and Dedmer van de Waal, I am editing a special issue/research topic in Frontiers. The topic is: "Progress in Ecological Stoichiometry". I encourage everyone to submit abstracts to this research topic (deadline 8/31). Our lab has submitted two so far.


Study led by Johann and Nathan published in Plankton Research

Please check out the nice study by Johann Lopez (ex-undergraduate student and graduate student in ESS) and Nathan Garcia published in J. Plankton Research. They beautifully show how the elemental content and ratios vary between day and night. They subsequently collaborated with David Talmy at MIT and together they built a great model showing how Synechococcus purge carbon at the end of the dark cycle - presumably to stay small.

Great work...Adam

New study from our lab featured on NPR

With so much attention on California’s drought and the incoming El Niño, the anomalies in California’s warmer ocean temperatures may simply seem like something to enjoy. Surfers and swimmers rejoice as they jump in with a wetsuit-free splash. Reminiscent of tropical beaches, Southern California’s ocean temperatures have been unusually tepid.

Celine's first paper accepted in Soil Biology and Biochemistry


Please join me in congratulating Celine for her first paper out. The paper was accepted today in Soil Biology and Biochemistry and describes the elemental composition of litter bacteria and fungi.


New paper describing regional variation in the C:P ratio is out


Amy's paper describing the regional variation in nucleic acid allocation and C:P ratio in the Western North Atlantic Ocean is out in Biogeosciences.

Check it out...


Labrador Sea research cruise

Celine Mouginot, Nathan Garcia, Jessica Ooquist, and Adam Martiny are currently participating in a 4 week research cruise from Maine to the Labrador Sea and then down to Bermuda. This cruise is done in collaboration with Mike Lomas and his group from Bigelow to understand variations in the elemental stoichiometry of marine microbial communities. Other participants on the cruise come from University of Maine, and University of Copenhagen (Lasse Riemann's group). We will all return to Irvine mid-September.

Global Elemental stoichiometry paper out (and mentioned in LA Times)

Hi - here is the link to the paper about the global variation in elemental ratios

The study was also picked up in LA Times:


Global variation in C:N:P ratios in ocean communities study accepted in Nature Geoscience


Great news! Our paper describing the global distribution of C:N:P ratios was accepted in Nature Geoscience today. What a relief....

The authors are: myself, Chau, Keith Moore, Francois Primeau, Jasper Vrugt, Simon Levin, and Mike Lomas.