elemental stoichiometry

New paper describing regional variation in the C:P ratio is out


Amy's paper describing the regional variation in nucleic acid allocation and C:P ratio in the Western North Atlantic Ocean is out in Biogeosciences.


Check it out...


Global Elemental stoichiometry paper out (and mentioned in LA Times)

Hi - here is the link to the paper about the global variation in elemental ratios


The study was also picked up in LA Times:



Global variation in C:N:P ratios in ocean communities study accepted in Nature Geoscience


Great news! Our paper describing the global distribution of C:N:P ratios was accepted in Nature Geoscience today. What a relief....

The authors are: myself, Chau, Keith Moore, Francois Primeau, Jasper Vrugt, Simon Levin, and Mike Lomas.


Marine bacteria

The main objectives of our research is to (1) understand how bacteria adapt to different environmental conditions and (2) how the resulting diversity influences global biogeochemical cycles. Most of the work is done on the unicellular marine cyanobacteria Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus, but we are also interested in other organisms. The goal is to understand the relationship between variation in the physical environment, genome composition, and phylogeny - and how that all ties to together in shaping biogeochemical cycles.