Dimensions of Biodiversity

New study from our lab featured on NPR

With so much attention on California’s drought and the incoming El Niño, the anomalies in California’s warmer ocean temperatures may simply seem like something to enjoy. Surfers and swimmers rejoice as they jump in with a wetsuit-free splash. Reminiscent of tropical beaches, Southern California’s ocean temperatures have been unusually tepid.

Labrador Sea research cruise

Celine Mouginot, Nathan Garcia, Jessica Ooquist, and Adam Martiny are currently participating in a 4 week research cruise from Maine to the Labrador Sea and then down to Bermuda. This cruise is done in collaboration with Mike Lomas and his group from Bigelow to understand variations in the elemental stoichiometry of marine microbial communities. Other participants on the cruise come from University of Maine, and University of Copenhagen (Lasse Riemann's group). We will all return to Irvine mid-September.