SCCWRP summer job opportunities

SCCWRP is recruiting undergraduates for the summer to do some field and lab work.  There are a couple of different projects going on this summer, a stream study and beach water quality among other things.  You would be hired for the summer, but could continue to work during the school year part-time.  You can forward your resume either to Karen ( or Ken Schiff (

Pedro Flombaum seminar

Pedro Flombaum will present on 4/3 at 2pm in CH1103.

The title of the presentation is: Global abundance and distribution of the marine cyanobacteria Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus

Pedro Flombaum

Pedro Flombaum is BACK!

Alyssa Kent

A big welcome to Alyssa Kent who just joined the lab as a graduate student. She joined us from the Mathematical and Computational Biology gateway program.