Congratulations to Renaud for paper accepted

A big congratulations to Renaud for getting his paper about the phylogenetic distribution of glycoside hydrolases accepted in Applied and Environmental Microbiology. The paper is very nice and I encourage you to check it out.


consenTRAIT paper is out!


The consenTRAIT paper was published in ISME J today.

You can find it here.

There will soon be two other studies using this approach coming out. This includes Amy's paper about the phylogenetic distribution of extracellular enzyme traits (ISME J.) and Reanud's paper about glycoside hydrolases (in AEM). You should check out all the papers.


Cecilia guest lectures at University of Texas, Austin

Cecilia will be giving a talk November 29th at University of Texas, Austin for a graduate level course on 'Advanced Topics in Microbial Ecology' taught by Dr. Christina Hawkes. She will discuss next-generation sequencing and its applications to microbial ecology, particularly using her research as a case study. 

Paper describing the latitudinal variation in plankton biodiversity is out

Anthony Amend's paper describing the variation in plankton diversity and species range is now out in Journal of Biogeography. The project is part of the "International Census of Marine Microbes" or ICOMM. It is a great paper that I encourage everyone to read.


Steve Allison and Jennifer's paper about the litter reciprocal transplant experiment is accepted in Ecology

Steve Allison and Jennifer's paper about the litter reciprocal transplant experiment was accepted in Ecology yesterday. A big congratulations to everyone in Microbial Group that participated in this study. And we look forward to see Renaud's follow-up study on the metagenomic changes in this experiment.

Please welcome (back) the undergrads!


Please welcome (back) the undergrads that are working in our lab. If you have not said hi to everyone yet - please make sure you do.

This is the list of this year's students:

Jeannette (Jeannie) Lee
Rika Kawamura
Erik Lee
Yasmin Oskooilar
Arianna Houriani
Kinsnuk Chatterjee
Joshua Lin
Zachary Chan
Khang Nguyen

Congratulations to Steve Hatosy on getting the GAANN Fellowship!

Join me in congratulating Steve for a big accomplishment!! Great news!

Big UCI representation at ISME14 in Copenhagen, Denmark

We had a great representation from the microbial group at UCI at the ISME-14 meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. Cecilia, Alyssa, Amy, Lucy, Claudia, Emma, and Adam all presented there and our projects were very well received.

Jiae Lee accepted to medical school


I just wanted to let you know that Jiae Lee was accepted to Medical School. She  was accepted to the College of Medicine SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. A big congratulation from the lab...We are very proud of her.




The first MICRO time-series paper is out!

The first paper from the MICRO time-series was published today. The paper describes the temperal variation in microbial enzyme activities. From UCI, the authors include Steven Allison, Steve Hatosy, and Adam Martiny.

A big thanks to all the undergraduate students and other lab members that helped out with this amazing effort.


Sara and Steve's paper is out in ISME Journal this month

Sara (a former undergraduate student in the lab) and Steve's paper is out in ISME Journal this month. Check it out..

New Post doc in the lab - Agathe Talarmin

Agathe Talarmin will arrive today. She will be responsible for the new flow cytometro facility. Please welcome her when you see her

UROP symposium 5/19

It is time for the yearly UROP symposium. Arianna, Yasmin, Brittany, and Jeanette will all present posters in the afternoon. Please come and see their work.

The Poster Session is from 1:30 - 2:50 PM in the Humanities Hall Buildings

Cecilia accepted to summer course

congratulations to Cecilia. She got accepted to the summer course in Marine ecological and evolutionary genomics in Roscoff, France.