Congratulations to Cecilia for post doc fellowship


Please join me in congratulating Cecilia for a post doc fellowship to continue her career at Georgia Tech.



New Post doc in the lab: Nathan Garcia

Please welcome Nathan, he is a new post doc in the lab!

Congratulations to our students who graduated this year

Congratulations to Jeannie Lee, Arianna Houriani, Rika Kawamura et Erik Lee who graduated this year!

Congratulations to Steve for GAANN Fellowship

Big congratulations to Steve on getting the GAANN Fellowship for 2013-2014!



Paper on the global distribution of Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus published in PNAS

Hi - our paper describing the global distribution of Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus is finally out in PNAS. 7 years of work! Among others, Pedro, the two Jose's, Rodolfo, Jasper from C. Engineering and myself are authors. I encourage you all to read it.


See also:


Jeannie and Rika at the UROP Symposium next Saturday

Join us to the UCI Student Center next Saturday, May 18th, for the UROP Symposium.

Jeannie’s presentation is scheduled for Oral Session I at 9:10am in the Doheny Beach D of the UCI Student Center. The title of her talk is 'Temporal Variability in Oceanic Nutrient Ratios along the Southern California Coast'.

Rika is going to present her poster 'Stoichiometrical Variability within Phyla of Soil Bacteria' between 1:30pm and  2:50pm.

See you there!


Steve H's time-series paper accepted in Ecology


Steve Hatosy's paper describing the temporal biogeography of marine microorganisms was accepted today in the journal Ecology.

Please join me in congratulating Steve for a job well done.


Congratulations to Sara Freitas

Sara, a former undergraduate student in our lab will be joining Dr. Regan's lab at UC Riverside as a PhD student next fall in the department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology. She also received a Chancellor's fellowship for her PhD. Please join me in congratulating Sara! 



Fellowship bonanza


What an amazing month!!! Cecilia got a BioSci dissertation fellowship, Alyssa Kent got a NSF graduate fellowship, and Nathan Garcia got a UCI Advance post doctoral fellowship and will likely join the lab this summer.

You may remember that Nathan visited last year and gave a whiteboard presentation about co-limitation of phytoplankton.

A big congratulations to all three!!!!


Congratulations to Cecilia for BioSci dissertation fellowship

A big congratulations to Cecilia for being awarded a BioSci dissertation fellowship!

Global Elemental stoichiometry paper out (and mentioned in LA Times)

Hi - here is the link to the paper about the global variation in elemental ratios

The study was also picked up in LA Times:


congratulations to Alyssa for being admitted to C-MORE course

Please join me in congratulating Alyssa for being accepted to the C-MORE summer course in Microbial Oceanography. This is a five week long summer course at the University of Hawaii.

Global variation in C:N:P ratios in ocean communities study accepted in Nature Geoscience


Great news! Our paper describing the global distribution of C:N:P ratios was accepted in Nature Geoscience today. What a relief....

The authors are: myself, Chau, Keith Moore, Francois Primeau, Jasper Vrugt, Simon Levin, and Mike Lomas.

Another consenTRAIT study is out in ISME Journal

Amy Zimmerman's paper about the phylogenetic distribution and conservatism of enzymes genes is out in ISME Journal. This is a very nice study and I encourage you all to read the paper.


Undergraduate fellowships to Jeanette and Kinshuk

Once again, undergraduate students from our lab were awarded UROP fellowships. So a big congratulations to Kinshuk and Jeanette...Keep up the great work,