Celine's first paper accepted in Soil Biology and Biochemistry


Please join me in congratulating Celine for her first paper out. The paper was accepted today in Soil Biology and Biochemistry and describes the elemental composition of litter bacteria and fungi.


Simon Levin receives the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement

Adam Martiny, Carole Levin, Sue Bryant, Steve Allison

(from left: Adam Martiny, Carole Levin, Simon Levin, Sue Bryant, and Steve Allison)

Lab meeting schedule

4/7 Renaud
4/21 Nathan
4/28 Steve
5/5 Agathe
5/12 Undergrad presentation
5/19 Alyssa
6/2 Celine

On Mondays at 1:30pm in Fish Bowl.

New paper describing regional variation in the C:P ratio is out


Amy's paper describing the regional variation in nucleic acid allocation and C:P ratio in the Western North Atlantic Ocean is out in Biogeosciences.

Check it out...


Congratulations to our first Ph.D. graduate Cecilia

A slightly belated big congratulations to our first Ph.D. student Cecilia for having both defended and submitted her thesis "Impact of genome content on the distribution and physiology of marine Cyanobacteria". The first chapter is already published and hopefully the next two will soon follow.

As most of you know, she is already on to her next position as a post doc in Jennifer Glass' lab at Georgia Tech.

We wish you all the best here from UC Irvine

Visitors and project meeting

Simon Levin and Juan Bonachela from Princeton University are visiting the lab and Irvine. Please introduce yourself or say hi if you see them around...

They will also participate in our Dimensions project meeting on 1/22/14.

Congrats to Jessica, Matthew, and Jeremy for receiving UROP fellowships

Jessica, Matthew and Jeremy all got awarded a UROP fellowship.

A big congratulations for job well done from the lab!

Many presentations from our lab and collaborators at the Ocean Sciences 2014 meeting

We have a great presence at the Ocean Sciences 2014 meeting in Hawaii in February. From the lab, Celine, Agathe, and Adam are giving talks including two in the non-Redfield session. In addition, there will be presentations with co-authors from our lab from Mike Lomas, Yi-Cheng (from Francois' lab), Amy Zimmerman, and Juan Bonachela. This should be a great meeting...

Cecilia's paper describing a new method for targeted metagenomics accepted in AEM

Hi - please join me in congratulating Cecilia for getting her first thesis chapter accepted in the Applied and Environmental Microbiology. The paper describes a new method combining flow sorting and a transposon type nextgen library preparation protocol. With this technique, you can sequence specific sorted populations  - e.g., Prochlorococcus or Synechococcus. Excellent work....


Undergraduate student led paper accepted

A former undergraduate student in our lab - Desiree Unsworth - just got her honors thesis work accepted for publication. Her study described the presence of Staphylococcus in the dance environment and she found higher concentration of Staphylococcus in dance studios than outside the buildings. Furthermore, she wrote the entire paper herself. So please join me in congratulating her on this fantastic achievement.


Paper describing the variation in resource allocation and elemental composition accepted (UPDATE)


Amy's paper describing resource allocation and the elemental composition of heterotrophic bacteria using a "common garden" experiment was just accepted today in Environmental Microbiology. This is a very nice study that I encourage you all to read...

The paper is now out:


New paper using high-throughput screening of microbial enzymes published


Please check out the new paper lead by Mari Nyyssönen and Eoin Brodie using high-throughput screening of metagenomic libraries to identify new enzymes involved in the deconstruction of plant polymers:


Back from the North Atlantic!

After 24 days at sea on the R/V Atlantic Explorer, Jessica, Nathan, Adam and I are back in the lab with a lot of samples to analyze and great data. We went to the Labrador sea up to 55N and then did a transect down to Bemuda (31N). At the end, we spent 3 days around the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS) to continue incubations and to use BATS as a reference point for our work in the North Atlantic.

Labrador Sea research cruise

Celine Mouginot, Nathan Garcia, Jessica Ooquist, and Adam Martiny are currently participating in a 4 week research cruise from Maine to the Labrador Sea and then down to Bermuda. This cruise is done in collaboration with Mike Lomas and his group from Bigelow to understand variations in the elemental stoichiometry of marine microbial communities. Other participants on the cruise come from University of Maine, and University of Copenhagen (Lasse Riemann's group). We will all return to Irvine mid-September.

Paper on carbon to nitrogen ratio published in GBC

Hi - our paper with Mike Lomas, Francois Primeau, and Jasper Vrugt is out in Global Biogeochemical Cycles.