Multiple postdoc and graduate student positions open at UC Irvine: Microbes in a Changing Environment

Up to 3 full-time postdoctoral and 3 full-time graduate student positions are available at UC Irvine. Successful candidates will integrate –omics approaches with models and experiments to analyze microbial traits, communities, and carbon cycling under drought conditions. These positions are supported by a DOE Genomic Science grant to co-investigators Steven Allison, Michael Goulden, Adam Martiny, Jennifer Martiny, and Kathleen Treseder at UC Irvine as well as Eoin Brodie at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Postdocs and students will work under the supervision of one or more investigators to address specific project components, including:

  • Culturing, experimental manipulation, and multi-omics analysis of bacteria and fungi
  • Manipulation and community analysis of bacteria and fungi in grassland and shrubland ecosystems
  • Synthesis and analysis of microbial trait data from genetic databases
  • Trait-based modeling of microbial communities and functioning under drought conditions

Interested candidates should email a CV and cover letter indicating an area of research interest to at least one of the co-investigators who could serve as a potential supervisor. Competitive postdoctoral candidates will be encouraged to submit a formal application through UC Irvine’s recruitment website (; competitive prospective graduate students will be invited to apply to relevant graduate programs in biological sciences, physical sciences, or gateway programs ( Note that graduate application deadlines are often December 1. Postdoctoral candidates are encouraged to apply by November 1, 2016, but positions will remain open until filled. Women and underrepresented minorities are particularly encouraged to apply to all positions.