Congratulations to all the undergrads

 I just wanted to congratulate all the undergraduate students in the lab on their UROP fellowships

Congratulations to Alli and George for getting their paper accepted in Biogeosciences

Please join me in congratulating Alli and George in getting their recent modeling paper accepted in Biogeosciences. This is an excellent paper describing how environmental changes, biological resource allocations, elemental stoichiometry, carbon export, and atmospheric CO2 interacts.

Well done!!


Congratulations to Alli on advancement to candidacy

A big congratulations to Alli Moreno on her advancement to candidacy!

New review on 'Ecological Stoichiometry of Marine Plankton' out

A new review on the elemental stoichiometry of plankton led by Alli Moreno is out!!!!

Congrats to Dr. Alyssa Kent and Adam Fagan!

We all wanted to give our wamest wishes and conratulations to the new Dr. Alyssa Kent!!!  The lab also wanted to congratulate Adam Fagan on graduating from the Earth System Science department this year with honors!

We wish you both the best,

The Martiny Lab


Welcome to our two new post docs

Welcome to Zulema Gomez and Alyse Larkin who join the lab as post doctoral researchers.


Multiple postdoc and graduate student positions open at UC Irvine: Microbes in a Changing Environment

Up to 3 full-time postdoctoral and 3 full-time graduate student positions are available at UC Irvine. Successful candidates will integrate –omics approaches with models and experiments to analyze microbial traits, communities, and carbon cycling under drought conditions.

Special Research Topic in Ecological Stoichiometry

Together with Bob Sterner, Jim Cotner, Jim Elser, and Dedmer van de Waal, I am editing a special issue/research topic in Frontiers. The topic is: "Progress in Ecological Stoichiometry". I encourage everyone to submit abstracts to this research topic (deadline 8/31). Our lab has submitted two so far.


Visit by Pedro Flombaum

Pedro from U. Buenos Aires is visiting us for three weeks to collaborate on a new study describing the global distribution of picophytoplankton

Study led by Johann and Nathan published in Plankton Research

Please check out the nice study by Johann Lopez (ex-undergraduate student and graduate student in ESS) and Nathan Garcia published in J. Plankton Research. They beautifully show how the elemental content and ratios vary between day and night. They subsequently collaborated with David Talmy at MIT and together they built a great model showing how Synechococcus purge carbon at the end of the dark cycle - presumably to stay small.

Great work...Adam

New study from our lab featured on NPR

With so much attention on California’s drought and the incoming El Niño, the anomalies in California’s warmer ocean temperatures may simply seem like something to enjoy. Surfers and swimmers rejoice as they jump in with a wetsuit-free splash. Reminiscent of tropical beaches, Southern California’s ocean temperatures have been unusually tepid.

SImon Levin recieves National Medal of Science

Please join me in congratulating Simon for this incredible honor - Adam


New review paper in Science offers model to predict how microbiomes may respond to change

The study delves into microbial evolutionary processes and explores previous research showing that microbial traits – particularly with bacteria – vary predictably in how they have evolved across the “tree of life.” For example, some traits, such as photosynthesis, evolved a long time ago and are shared by large groups of genetically related bacteria. Other traits, such as sensitivity to a particular virus, have evolved many times in many small groups.