The Department of Earth System Science offers an interdisciplinary curriculum, covering land, ocean and atmosphere. Graduate level courses provide an integrated systems approach to studying the Earth. Graduate students are also encouraged to take electives in other departments.

See the General Catalogue and Web Schedule of Classes for more information.

Fall 2020 Course Name Instructor
EarthSS 200                                       Global Physical Climatology                                           Yu, Jin-Yi
EarthSS 238 Remote Sensing Rignot, Eric
EarthSS 266 Global Biogeochemistry Randerson, Jim


Winter 2021 Course Name Instructor
EarthSS 204                                               Human Systems                                                                       Davis, Steve
EarthSS 212 Geoscience Modeling & Data Primeau, Francois
EarthSS 240 Atmospheric Chemistry Guenther, Alex
EarthSS 248 Marine Ecosystem Processes Mackey, Kate


Spring 2021 Course Name Instructor
EarthSS 225                                                       Marine Biogeochemistry Moore, Keith
EarthSS 256 Paleoclimatology & Paleoceanography                                                Johnson, Kathleen
EarthSS 298 Practicum in Earth System Science Saltzman, Eric