Plane on water in Alaska Alaska
Group at the International Calibration Group meeting Queen's University, Belfast
Queen's University, Belfast
Mindy Nicewonger conducting research in the South Pole South Pole, Antarctica
South Pole
Francesca Hopkins performing field work in Wyoming Cheyenne, Wyoming
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Colene Haffke doing field work in Boulder, Colorado Boulder, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado
Ship sailing on a research cruise in Iceland Iceland
Ice core from Byrd Station, Antarctica Denver, Colorado
Denver, Colorado
Alexandra Magana measuring soil carbon dioxide Heshang Cave, China
Heshang Cave
Ship sailing for research cruise Research Cruise: Patagonia to Seattle
Anne Kelly in canyon Deep Canyon, California
Deep Canyon, California
San Joaquin Marsh San Joaquin Marsh, California
San Joaquin Marsh, California
River in Peru Santarem, Para, Brazil
Santarem, Para
Group from the International Radiocarbon Conference Kona Island, Hawaii
Ship sailing for research cruise Cape Verde
Cape Verde
Francesca Hopkins Max Planck Institute, Jena, Germany
Max Planck Institute, Jena
Overlooking San Jacinto Mountains San Jacinto Mountains, California
San Jacinto, California
Profile photo of Seneca Lindsey Northwest Greenland
Northwest Greenland
Group on fire truck Loma Ridge, California
Loma Ridge, California
Field work being conducted in Dinkey Creek, California Dinkey Creek, California
Dinkey Creek, California