Image: cover of Annual Funding Report, link to full pdf

Annual Funding Report

Over the past twenty years, the ESS has benefitted from several generous benefactors. The Annual Funding Report describes major funding activity in FY 2012-2013 and 2013-2014, and provides background information on the department's various awards and selection criteria.


Image: cover of Faculty Expertise flier, link to full pdf

Faculty Expertise

A quick reference guide describing ESS faculty research interests.



Image: cover of Faculty Research Interests, link to full pdf

Faculty Research Interests

ESS faculty expertise varies widely from climate science, atmosheric chemistry and biogeochemistry to oceanography and hydrology. In addition to their research, faculty work to inform and educate policy-makers and the community on a range of issues affecting the environment and quality of life. Read in depth about faculty research interests and honors in this Faculty Research Interests handout.


Image: image of Infographic: What in the world is Earth System Science?, link to full pdf

Infographic: What in the world is Earth System Science?

What is Earth system science, really? This infographic helps clarify and outline undergraduate and graduate coursework and degree options.