Rignot Research Group

The primary interest of the Rignot Research Group is to understand the interactions of ice and climate, in particular to determine how the ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland will respond to climate change in the coming century and how they will affect global sea level. Glaciology mixes a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines. Eric Rignot and his team combine satellite remote sensing techniques (imaging radar, laser altimetry, radio echo sounding) airborne geophysical surveys, field surveys (GPR, GPS) and numerical modeling (ice sheet motion and ocean circulation near glaciers). In May 2013, the Rignot Research Group recieved a NASA award for "Ice Velocity Mapping of the Antarctic Ice Sheet," a five-year project funded that will extend funding at UC Irvine for ten years to map ice motion in Antarctica and deliver the products to the science community.

Research Group Information
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Croul Hall, Room 1101
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Physical Climate