Magnusdottir Modeling Lab

The Magnusdottir Modeling Lab focuses on atmospheric and climate dynamics. Gudrun Magnusdottir and her team use observations, as well as a hierarchy of numerical models, to study dynamical processes in the atmosphere and climate variability. The lab investigates feedback mechanisms influencing the unprecedented high-latitude trends in several climate variables over recent decades, tropical-extratropical and troposphere-stratosphere dynamical interactions, and the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) -- its variability on different timescales and what controls it in the climate system. Other areas of interest include: sea ice and its climatic effects; variability in the tropics on different time scales; climate modes including the North Atlantic Oscillation/Arctic Oscillation: Forcing mechanisms and trends in observations; and geometrical fluid dynamics and balanced flow.

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Croul Hall, Room 2101
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Physical Climate