Undergraduate Research Application - OLD

Thank you for your interest in undergraduate research in Earth system science.  In this research program, students can conduct research in the field with an ESS faculty member and gain valuable training.  Broad topics of study include atmospheric chemistry, biogeochemical cycles, and physical climate.


  • Students must be a science major (from the School of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Engineering, or Computer Sciences).
  • Students must be in good academic standing, major and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

The Application Process:

  1. Decide which area you would like to work in and look at research programs in the department here
    Is there a specific professors' work that you find most interesting?
    Is there a certain lab or research group you would like to work in? 
  2. Once you've decided which area of study you are most interested in, talk to those professors and begin thinking about a specific project in which you would like to participate. 
  3. Make arrangements with a specific professor, including the number of hours and units for the quarter. 
  4. Fill out the application below. 
  5. ESS will verify the professor's approval, and provide you with authorization to enroll in research in Earth System Science. You will receive email notification when your application has been processed. 
  6. Enroll in EarthSS 199 or H199.

Once you have completed two quarters of research, you are invited to enroll in
EarthSS 198 or H198: Senior Thesis in Earth System Science

Note: We accept applications on an ongoing basis.  


Contact Morgan Sibley, Student Services Coordinator, at msibley@uci.edu

Contact Information
Academic Information

i.e. 2011

Research Information

Please provide a picture that will be included in the official Earth System Science directory

By clicking submit, you are indicating that you have discussed the opportunity to conduct research with a specific faculty in the UC Irvine Department of Earth System Science. Prior to authorizing you to enroll in an EarthSS research course, the sponsoring faculty will be asked to approve your application.

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